Skateboarding has left such an impact on my life the results are likely un-reversible, and thank God. It's not often you find something that produces so much with so little. 10 years. A decade spent on a skateboard. A decade contemplating others absolute misery in life. Skateboarding is soaked with irony. A plank of wood, some metals, and urethane are responsible for 90% of my closest friends. The fuck the world mentality of skateboarders leaves outsiders in a state of envy. Motorcycles and skateboards are so similar. The spectrum of feelings both are capable of producing is outstanding, and with such lasting feelings who in their right minds would be able to stop. Heres to another ten riding up right boys.

The montage below is filled with groms I watched grow to this point. I'm sincerly stoked on these boys, and miss skating with them every night. Good kids.

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