Finger Food Friday - Remembering

When I was first asked to write for the DS blog I wasn't ready to relive a lot of things I'd done in my life - but I moved past that. It wasn't until I started looking at my old pictures that I realized how long ago it really was. To see myself 25-30 years ago is strange so young, tough and raw with no direction in life - truly one day at a time. In November I'll turn 50. Thinking back to those times I never thought I would make 30. I was truly living life in the fast lane. I lost a lot of great friends to this lifestyle; overdoses, bike wrecks and murders. For those I've lost I'll remember you always!

I saw alot of great bands play partied with some of the great movers and shakers of my time, but looking back at it 30 years later it definitely had its lows - like being strung out on herion sleeping in a closet.

One high-light that comes to mind were the times I spent with my dear friend Mark Freeland. I remember being in the studio with Our Daughter's Wedding with Mark, Jimbo and David Johanson. I remember staying up for days with Mark for days doing coke and drinking Labatts. To many Mark was the god-father of punk in Buffalo, NY. Mark was truly a musical genius - always taking it to the edge and over. When I started to hang out with Mark '76-'79 punk was just becoming main-stream. Clubs like the Continental ,Pink Flamingo, Schupper House and the Icon played host to this new movement.

The college kids used to come and try to fuck with the punks. Being the stand up, take no shit, duck or bleed motherfucker I was I built a heavy repitation with the punks.

Once, while hanging with Mark after a killer show at the Cont, as we called it, two jocks from Canada asked Mark for a beer - we were leaving to go to a house jam. Mark always traveled with a case of Labatts - what better way to play? Mark sets the case down goes to give them a beer when one of them smash him in the face with the bottle - he drops like a rock. I'm about 3-4 feet behind Mark. I pull my buck and lunge forward I did what I had to do - lets just say they were leaking a lot of tranny fluid... haha. I soon became Mark's so-called body guard. Mark was a gentle man loved life and all that were in it. Sadly Mark lost his own life to his life-long battle with alcohol. He was 51 years old. Mark I truly miss you.

In like 1973-74 Mark found out what hotel David Bowie was staying at in Buffalo. Mark, Kent, Weber and David waited for Bowie to leave and pulled up next to his limo. Kent jumped in front of the limo so they couldn't drive off while Mark, dressed like David himself, started playing Bowie songs on the acoustic guitar and banging on the windows. The drver gave them a bunch of tickets just to get away. Mark always dreamed of playing with Bowie - he never got that chance but he never stopped trying. That brings me to this - no matter what LIFE throws at you never stop trying - Mark didn't and I certainly didn't.
The last time I talked to Mark had he said, "remember me." Mark how could I forget you. We were friends for 40 years.

Bad luck..... bad tattoo's........ and black eye's.


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fingers said...

trippin on acid in a cemetry with mark pics of mark jimbo and karen the freak at cbgb's with our daurghter's wedding i'll alway's rember you mark