Finger Food Friday - We Blew It Billy

Hey all you weirdos and freaks!

I first saw Easyrider in 1972 or '73. It didn't make sense to me... Oh, I thought it was kool - two kats puttin' across country on chopper's - true tramps. Yeah it sucked they get killed by some stand-ins from Deliverance - real rednecks pickup with a gun rack and all.

It wasn't till i saw it in like '75 or '76 that it all made sense to me. "We hit the big time Wyatt" - hit that big lick and were free. It always seems kool in your mind but so did fucking your neighbor until your old lady catches you. In the beginning Wyatt throws his watch away - time doesn't matter anymore. In the end we all learn that time is everything - without it you got nothing. No time no life. When I watched it this time my Grandmother was just put in the ground she was out of time. All the family was over for dinner, remembering her. I was trying to get lost - I was glued to the TV that night trying to figure out the Easyrider mystery. Wyatt was the brains, Billy, he was in it for the party always taking it to the edge. At the whore house Wyatt sees their future when time runs out. They had all the scratch they needed but they still couldn't be free - no vacancy, no service at the diner. They weren't any freer than when they started. So what happened "we hit the big time Wyatt we're free." Nope, "we blew it blew it Billy."

Money is not freedom. Some of the best times I've had when I was dead ass broke on welfare.

I always dreamed of my own freedom machine like the one's I saw that day at the zoo and the ones I studied in Easyrider... not to mention the one's I saw riding around the streets of Buffalo. I had seen some really kool choppers before I got mine. At the end of my street a guy named Jim Jim had a kool Trimph he called The Menstrual Cycle (which he painted on the tank in red letters like dripping blood) - now that was bitchin. Big G's Pan he had in high school - too kool. Big Ears had a Triumph called Maddness - wicked bike. Fuddds 63 Pan that Lumpy built then Don Kellog begged Fudd to sell him. Hippy had the koolest a knuckle long bike.... man I could go on and on.

While walking back to work one day in 1976 I found it. Just sitting there in a gas station. I did not even know what the fuck it was, but I had to have it. So I swing into the gas station trying to look kool - turns out its a 1969 BSA. It said BSA on the tank - what? I'd never heard of one. The man say's "it's like a Trimph." Okay. I said "how much?" I didn't even care if it ran. The man say's 900 bucks. Wow, that was a lot of scratch to me. It didn't matter that it didn't run or have a title - I said "okay." I had to have that freedom machine. I just had to be one of those men. The men I saw at the zoo 7 years earlier. So pay day I go and give him 50 bucks for a deposit he say's no refund. I didn't care, just giving the $50 made me feel like I owned it.

Not long after I got fired from my job. Now I'm pissed. I need just one good lick to get my chopper. I worked at the Buffalo Fire Dept. as a wrench. So I say "fuck them." I break into the repair shop planning on stealing a bunch of tools and a big roll-away box. So, I get all the loot piled up by a big over-head door, I hit the open button and..... what the fuck is all that noise? I beat feet across the street to my car. I look back and get my answer. The fucking door was coming out of the track - fuck. As I sat there sweating bullets trying to figure out what move to make someone bangs on my door - it's the heat, the cops. All I thought of was my freedom machine slipping away - fast. I bullshited my way out of it that night only to get busted the next day - fuck.

The heat is on so me and my partner Tony Sacco split town. We go to west Texas - Odssea, to be exact. I got a job in the oil fields with dreams of saving all of my scratch to get my freedom machine.

One day at work a inch and a half steel cable snapped while we were lifting the derreck. Split my ear in half. A bunch of stitches and a surgery to repair my equalibrium later I sued the company cause the shit was unsafe. I decided to go back to Buffalo to wait for my millions... haha, I got $2500.00. I owed my old man $500.00 so I paid him first and, you guessed it, with the rest I went and settled up. I bought my freedom machine.

Life is great then, here we go again - what the fuck? Bam, while a passenger in a car we get pulled over, there's a warrant for me for the burglary and jumping bail. SIDE NOTE - if you get a chance DON'T jump bail. A bondsman wont post bond for a jumper.

bottom-line - that big lick cost me a lot more than the $2500.00 I scored from being hurt. Without time there's no life and money always cost you time.

My lifestyle dictates my deathstyle.


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