Friday Finger Food - Brotherhood




I cant remember your name.

I've been/ met all of them and more.

You get to a point in your life where it don't matter anymore.

I've fought for my brothers, stabbed some and even went to prison for others.

Was it worth it all for brotherhood? In a situation that gets heavy you do what is best. That's not to say that you always do what's "right."

In '79, taking a piss outside of a bar led me to one of those scenes... Apparently I pissed on some fag's car - not just any fag but a judge's son. Well he was not all too happy about some piss on his green Trans Am. We start to scramble after some words were exchanged. Like I've said before, I'm a skinny redhead about 135 lbs. So I'm losing pretty good, when my brother Tony Baloney (yep that Tony Baloney) comes outside to see were I am. He turns the corner and sees yours truly not doing so good (I thought I had him. I was wearing him down by letting him punch me over and over in the face). Tony did what brothers do for each other - "stand together, fall together." Well, it wasn't long before I was on top and winning with the help of my brother. We beat up the judge's kid pretty bad as it turned out. Some how in all the punching and kicking his arm got broke. Damn the luck - haha. Well, Old Judge Weir was not real happy and made his punk ass kid press charges against us - this was in a time when a man handled his business himself without the police.

As luck would have it the Judge's son picks me out of a mug book. A year before, I got pinched on a robbery charge - they take really good pictures at those police stations. So they put out a warrant out for me. Guess were they find me? Back at the same bar were it all began - I was born under a bad sign. So I'm headed out the door to make it with some chick when this cop ruins my hard on and he throws me up against the wall. Man he took me by surprise.

So the cop takes me to that special place were all his brothers hang out (they got a kool club house, haha). I'm not real happy about being there and I let them know that in my own way - "fucking cock suckers - I'll fight all of you - you aint shit." Well, they took me up on that offer. Again, I wasn't winning at all this time - see a theme here? The next day some detective comes in my cell to talk to me. He tells me if I give up the fat guy I was with, I walk. Making a deal with the man was a big no no in my world (remember stand together, fall together). I never gave up Tony Baloney's ass or anyone else for that matter. I ended up with 3 years probation and paying the Judge's son's hospital bills (I never ended up paying them).

So, back to the question at hand - was it worth it all for the brotherhood? It truly depends on the situation. Hindsight is 20/20, but family is everything. Real brotherhood is priceless.

For me, well I've been arrested 55 times with 54 convictions - 1 felony for attempted manslaughter, several felonies for gun charges, manufacturing machine guns, drugs and bunch of assault charges. Been in prison 4 times. Did 3 1/2 years in New York at some of the most hard core prisons (Attica, Clinton, Danamora etc...). I'd still do it again in the name of brotherhood.

I'm retired from stupidity now, and I don't put myself in those situations anymore. I'm finally at peace with myself.

Winning isn't always the right thing........ it's the only thing.

When in doubt, duck.

Big love,



Nubby said...

Man, it was the highlight of my ride to spend that day with you and Blondie riding into Wilmington.

Journey well, friend. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks!

dandan said...

54 out of 55, almost perfect.

fingers said...

i'm tring to not be perfect haha

VANDER said...

fingers your dreamy!!!!!!! hehehhe