You're better off with June

Almost everyone has a song they share some strange ass connection with. If I was to ever choose a boy named sue would no doubt be the one. It contains a pretty decent description of my early life and what I believe would be the outcome of finding my pops, sans the happy ending. I'd probably catch 99 and ruin what I already haven't, but enough about my shitty circumstance. Everyone has had it hard in some sense. Regardless, it's all relative.

Take a step away and think about how rad this guy really was. He was pushing the boundaries when it was prime time for choppers. It was during the hay day of what we frequently find ourselves trying to re create in our own way and live first handed. He went through it all. A sociopathic father, love won, love lost, addiction, sobriety, the highest highs and perhaps the lowest lows. Here's to you Johnny. Thanks for the inspiration.

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