Behind The Barbed Wire

Death Scientists, we are proud to be able to publish a weekly column from our pals over at Rusty Knuckles. They have enlisted the one and only Jeff Clayton of Antiseen to write about his trials, tribulations, love of all things wrestling and being the singer of the legendary Antiseen for the last 27 years. This is the first post and look forward to more write ups involving barbed wire, icons of rock n' roll, two headed dogs and of course the madness that encircles Antiseen.

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Hello there folks! Thanks for stopping in to see what the hell I’m gonna rant, rave or complain about in this blog. This god damned summer is only starting and it’s already BRUTAL as HELL!!!! Being summer though, reminds me of an old pal we lost back in the summer of 1993….GG Allin.

Yep, we knew him folks…unlike the aged 15 to 21 year olds on the internet now that “claim” to be such experts and have such a firm grasp on what GG “would” have wanted had he lived, who were actually getting their asses powdered by their Mammys while all this was happening…we actually got to know the guy over a 6 year period and became good friends with him and his brother Merle. I could go on and on putting all you “GG-PHD’s” in your places but instead I’ll just tell ya about the newest thing we’ve got coming out and our debut with RUSTY KNUCKLES…The 1991 LP MURDER JUNKIES by GG ALLIN & ANTiSEEN reissued on PICTURE DISC!!!! That’s right, and to my knowledge the first GG picture disc to be made (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

Here GG and I are goofing around after the photo session for the original release that was issued on New Rose out of France. Guns and booze may not be the best combination for celebrating the completion of an album.....you cant see it in the photo, but I had a long barrel .22 caliber tucked down the front of my pants. A few hours later someone implied that maybe we hadnt been smart enough to unload all the weapons before the shoot ....WELL...being slightly offended at this doubt in my saftey practices, I pulled out the .22 cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger to show that I WAS indeed a practitioner of good gun safety ........that's when the loud POP went off and the bullet ricocheted all over the kitchen.

Here is GG at Penninsula Sound in Mooresville, NC, May 10th 1991 listening to the playback of his vocal tracks. GG gave it his all even in the studio, as you can see here he is wore the fuck out! It was indeed a long but productive night.


Come on out and see us at Tremont Music Hall in beautiful Charlotte, NC on Tuesday night July 27th as we kick the night off for the GBH show! If you don't know who they are, well....England 82 was pretty much run by these guys, The Exploited & Discharge as far as punk rock is concerned.Doors will be at 8pm and I'm sure we will be on around 8:30. Since we are opening the show , our set will be a bit shorter than an average headlining set. After 27 years in the biz we actually KNOW the purpose of the "opening act" and that is to give people a little bit to get'em in the mood for the headliner and NOT play for a fucking hour and bore everyone to death (take note opening bands!!!!) Tremont Music Hall, 400 W. Tremont Ave., Charlotte, NC

AND SO....if you like what ya see at the GBH show and wanna see some mo, well your in luck....and it couldn't happen on a luckier day!!! FRIDAY, AUGUST 13th we will be at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, NC with our special guests SELF MADE MONSTERS & BIGGY STARDUST & HIS WRETCHED HIVE. These groups are two of the areas best kept secrets so come on out and have a good time with three very cute and cuddly pop bands at Snug Harbor, 1228 Gordon Street, Charlotte.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Rusty for giving me this forum. If there are any other things ANTiSEEN related you'd like to hear about or get the TRUTH about, just drop us a line or leave a comment and be on the lookout for more great shit to happen with us and RUSTY KNUCKLES!!!

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