caught drunk in front seat

so i went to see my friends band open up for high on fire last night......awesome times! for those who know im an awful whiskey drunk........total blackout zone...... woke up in my truck driver side door open feet hanging out.... puke all over floor on passenger side woken by a few of nyc's finest i jump up stagger back and forth and unleash a projectile vomit at there feet..they squirm away as i kinda laughed......they look for my keys i tell them i lost them but i know where they are... i hide them in the glove box as i always do in this condition....not my first time at the rodeo......and apoligized a 100 times told them i was sleeping it off...they said thats fine lock yourself in.... couldnt even believe how cool the cops were and lucky i was....leaving the door wide open for 3 hours drained my battery and couldn't get truck started.....kat texts me a bunch to see where i was .....she bartends till 5 am i text her at 4 saying help cant move bring car and jumper cables......she rolls up an hour or so later and im out cold in the back of truck.....get her powered up and away i go to kats......thanks nevett for simple green and scrub brushes and a hose that was a lovely surprise opening the door this afternoon in the baking sun and getting that surprise from the night before...... please dont be offended if you ever offer me whiskey and i refuse!!!!!!

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