Finger Food Friday - The Diamond Club (Part 1)

Hey all you wierdos, freaks and lurkers - it's Fingers back to share my life.

Two people really influenced me at ayoung age are SUNNY BARGER (no introduction needed) and HUNGRY from the Rare Breed MC outa Buffalo.

To me, Sunny is a gimme for back in the day - way fucking kool. Sweet Cocaine was the amazing for sure... but it was the way he carried himself that did it for me. 150-some pounds running the big show - man, I mean those had to be wild times. A time when you could really screw it on, man. I saw all the cheap flicks and read all I could about him and them. From the time I saw them at the Buffalo Zoo, till now I always wanted to be one of them. Who the fuck didn't?

In 1984 or '85 I met a kat named Brian 2. He road with the RBMC. We started to hang out a little... then I didn't see him for a while. I moved to the East Side of Buffalo and met a bunch of chopper freaks - FW, Lapper, Rebel, Buckets, Jimmer and others... Well, one day they were going to the RB club house, so I tagged along. As it ended up Brian 2 was there. We got caught up - seems he went off the deep end with the blow and split from the club for a while. No wonder I hadn't seen him around. The club house was fucking bitchin' and huge. You could have a party there with 300 kats and still have room to groove. Not long after we get there I see this kat walk through the door... tall, 6'1'' ish and like 185 pounds - sound familiar... haha. Later I found out his name - Hungry. It was obvious that he was important. He carried himself with great authority, someone who deserved respect. Hungry had it going on - he used to bop when he walked. Always bopping an moving... he would latter tell me "YOU CANT HIT A MOVING TARGET." Later that evening we were introduced. I asked him if he liked coke - "BUT OF COUSE." Kool -that was my in with the man who I found out later was the President. Our introduction was sealed with a line... okay a lot of lines.

Hungry loved music. He turned me on to the Fabulous Thunderbirds. To me they striight kill it. Brother Vaughan playing guitar, Kim Wilson on vocals and the meanest harp I've heard since Joiner Wells.... man. But the best was when I was at Hungry's house looking over some 300 pieces of vinyl that he had.... he said "YOU EVER HEAR LONG JOHN BALDRY?" I shot back "no." I lined up a couple more lines - he played the whole album twice for me. Fuck, where has this shit been? It Aint Easy, Black Girl, etc.... It Aint Easy tells a killer story of playing giutar in Soho for change and then jumps into this heavey back beat jam - you got to check that one out, hit it up on google. If you don't dig the shit out of it you still must think disco is kool - that or you just don't get it. The main line in the song is "don't lay no booogie wooogie on the king of rock and roll" - blew me right the fuck away.

Needless to say from then on I was hanging out at the club house a lot. Then it happened. I was asked if I wanted to prospect... "Fuck yeah" I told Brian 2. Fueled with cocaine and crank I was off to the races, the first thing i learned real fast is that you are not a brother or civilian your somewhere in between.

I learned that it was way more fun just being a hang-around. Not necessarily better, just more FUN. I learned a lot real fast.

One time I was out with Hungry and Brian 2 and Wolf at a biker bar called Shades. I get word that there's a phone call for yours truly. Who the fuck is calling me here? I see my future brothers all laughing so I grab the phone... it's Pauly Little - "Prospect, bring me two fat chicks and don't come back with out them or I wont let you in the door!" Great I have to bar tend there... so, I turn around and Hungry goes "what you gonna do? Haha..." Yeah, yeah... So, I take a look around and like fuck me there aint a chick in Spades over a 140 pounds. Brian 2, my sponsor, comes up to me and says he's got an idea... oooohhhhh great an idea. What are we going to do duct tape a couple of them together? Cause, thats what i'm thinking at this point. He says "no - but that's not a bad idea." I told you I was learning fast. Impressive, huh? He tells me to get 3 skinny chicks. Oh great, now I aint no Don Juan or anything like that so me and Brian 2 smooze 3 chicks back to the club house. The power of cociane worked all the time back then. They would follow that bag anywhere. So we roll back to the clubhouse. Pauly aint too happy but it's working cuz the ugly chick is digging on pauly and i'm feeding her coke so everyone is happy. I got Pauly Little's vote for that act of improvising.

To be continued next week............

l'll live. I'll die. I'll kill for my family!


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