Finger Food Friday - Diamond Plate (Part 2)

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers... Your friend fingers is back to make you think and travel through time.

Yeah man I've been on a mission in life - self-destruction. I always felt that I needed to be part of the "in" crowd. Those thoughts have taken me to the edge and over.

My time with the Rare Breed MC was short. When I started to prospect I had just come back from Florida - my first trip to the sunshine state. I lived in FL for about 9 months. I was out of control. Most bars wouldn't let me in without frisking me. There were like 5 or 6 of us from NY. We ran hard and fast. Burnouts inside the bar was not unusual for us. Fuck, I did a 4 gear burnout in a joint called Cheers in Fort Lauderdale with Billy Martin on the bitch seat - if I remember right George had just fired him... man he was so fucked up. We used to go into a strip joint and take it over. They loved us. My brothers would be trying to pick up the peelers and I would be stealing their scratch and dope... haha.

Well, any fucking ways my brother Don and I decided to take a trip back to Buffalo. I needed a brake from the party scene. It seemed like everyone I met had more coke than the last one - I never could get enough... haha. Fuck, man one time Ralph Mouth picked this hooker up and after discussing the finances of the deal he goes to pay her... bam the bitch grabs his fucking scratch. With him in hot pursuit she ducks him. Well, he comes back to the house and me, Ralph Mouth, Vinny the Dago and Don go looking for her (side note we are all packing heat). So, Ralph thinks he knows were she's laid up. It's times like these that you need to look at the scene and think it out - I never was a thinker. So the four of us are at the door and Ralph says "she went in here." He hadn't even finished saying that when yours truly kicked the fucking door in guns a blazing. I know I would of pissed myself but the four Jamaicans cutting up a key of coke just froze and put up there hands. Now this scene took a turn for the worse real fast. Ralph has them covered and Don and Vinny are searching the house. Me? What do you think? I'm scooping up coke and putting it in my pockets. Well, the chick wasn't there so we eased out the door... all I know is there were some pissed off Jamaicans when we split.

So were was I? Oh yeah, so I'm hooking up with the Rare Breed (back in NY) running wild and hard, when Don calls me an says "we gotta get back (to Florida) - the storage unit we got all our shit at is being torn down." Fuck, I'm about a week from getting my patch - but I gotta go. So, we split back to FL where we hang out for a couple of months.

This time I'm totally out of control. I'm robbing the dope man every chance I get.

I come home one day and all my friends are there to tell me to get the fuck out of Florida before I get killed. They packed all my shit and handed me $200. I split the next day.

I hit NY strung out from the road and the coke. I make it down to the club house - it's winter so I'm in a cage. As I turn the corner bam! I hit this black guy riding a bicycle - fucker bounces off the hood and hits the windshield - fucked I thought. He's banged up pretty good but he'll live but the bike is wrecked. My survival instincts kick in and I bullshit him with a fake name and address. A bunch of the brothers are outside and Crazy Al comes up to me after seeing what happened and says "YOU GOT MY VOTE.".............improvising at its best.

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