Finger Food Friday - Finally get the PRIZE (Part 3)

Alright all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers it's fucking Fingers and its Friday.

To bring you up to speed I'm in New York - Buffalo to be exact... I decided to move the fuck outta FL. Too hot and way too many assholes. So I've not had a lot of time for this blog... But being a man of my WORD I bring you my life again this week.

So, a week ago I was in pursuit of the much sought after 1%er diamond. The Rare Breed MC are not a 1%ER CLUB but it was a pretty good start. My time with the RBMC was short. As I said before I was pretty strung out on dope. But I do have some great memories of that time. 22-23 years old rolling down the two lane blacktop with a club is a high in itself. I was in about 1 year all together when i was thrown out for being too fucked up. It blew me away I went into seclusion for a while and reached the edge of sanity (or was it insanity) where I stayed for a long time.

When dope grabs you its grip is like a pair of vise grips - until you unlock them you are locked in. I would see some of the brothers from time to time. Some would tell me to straighten my shit out and come back; others would just smash me telling me what a waste I was.

In 1995 I got sober for the first time in my life after doing 3 1/2 years on an attempted manslaughter charge. I knew then I needed to turn my life around. I became addicted to AA - it worked for me. Sadly though, I started to use again - but didnt drink. Thought I could control my dope habit - fucking wrong.

In '95 I also met my wife. I met her at the hospital where she worked. I was there after an accident. A 78 year old man smashed into me. Luckily I was driving a van not riding a bike. I had visions of being on easy street with all the cash I was going to score after the lawsuit.

Well, me and Blondie started to date. She was 10 years older than me. I never new that till way later. Sex was great. The first time she came over to my pad I had like 8 German Shepherd puppies and two adults running around - don't know what made me think of that but it helps set the scene. So after a little talking we hit the work bench for some night moves. She asks "DO YOU HAVE ANY PROTECTION?" I said "I'm a convicted felon - I don't own a gun." She laughed and said "no, a condom." Fuck I'd never worn one or bought them. So, she has one in her purse... we use that one condom for 8 hours - I promise you can ask her... haha.

Alright enough of the mushy shit... We get hitched and about 5 months latter we get hooked up with this tattoo guy named Easy Go Ray. Well, as it turns out Easy Go Ray is in the CHOZEN FEW MC. Now the Few had a pretty notorious reputation back in the day - say the late 70's early 80's. You didn't fuck with them! They were one of the main reasons the Hells Angels left Buffalo. The first time i went to the club house they had a huge sticker on the door that said "FUCK THE HELLS ANGELS." Man, that's putting it out there. My biggest problem is I love choppers - always will. All these clubs are into baggers and fxr's, all good bikes, but I'm a chopper freak - so I get my balls busted a lot. People always say "You cant ride that as long as us or as fast."... Shit, please, i'll ride as hard and as fast as anyone. Yeah, my ass will be sore but I'll look a lot KOOLER AND I WONT BE GETTING ON SOMEONE ELSE'S BLACK FXR you thought was yours haha...

So after a short time of hanging around I'm prospecting again... about 3 months in my sponsor quits so I ask the president to sponsor me. That was my first mistake. The CFMC were always a club huge on respect - you notice that right away. The Pres, ALEX was a founding member with his two brothers Peter and Paul. Being a prospect for the Pres meant a lot of time hanging out doing dumb shit for him for free. After about 6 months I'm voted in a full patch holder. For initiation they would get you all fucked up till you puked or passed out - whichever came first. Well, since I did not drink at the time they made me drink hot sauce - this was my second mistake. I ended up drinking a whole bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce in addition to a couple others.... seemed pretty easy till the next day. Let me just say, don't try this at home.... Fucking A the next day I couldn't walk past a bathroom without shitting. I could have shit through a screen without touching the wire. My ass was on fire
until the following week....


p.s. next week the war years and I get to say good by to my chopper

I'll live, I'll die
I'll kill for my family


Chuck said...

Hey man thanks for sharing the stories and photos. You need to make some Fingers tee's with "my lifestyle is my deathstyle" love that shit!

Thunder said...

Oh wow man, did you know Pete Smith? I used to go to his shop when I was a little boy.
My uncle was Eddie Bass aka Road Work who owned the Motor Shop in Buffalo.