Finger Food Friday - LSD and the CITY

Hey all you freaks, weirdos and lurkers - yes it's Fingers and I'm back. I was on a road trip for 2 weeks. My first stop was the Smoke Out in Rockinham,NC... what a fucking joke. I've had a better time in Key West with a bunch of fags. 75 bucks (per person) to get in and camp for 3 days - way otta line. I know from my experience of putting on music shows and a bike show every bike week it 's not cheap but fuck me that's alot of scratch. This event has grown into a small bike week that is gay as shit - bagger city doo rag fags - hey if you're bald and you need a doo rag to be kool you anit kool.

After being fucked out of 75 bucks I rolled up to Buffalo, my home town. Let me tell you it's going on up there. They have one of the best music scenes I've seen. My ol' lady set up a get together with a bunch of my old brothers from my past club days along with people I grew up with. It was great to see everyone! I spent 3 days working on mom's car - some things never change... haha, love you Marge.

Spent the 4 of July at my old boss's shop for a huge 4th party with fire works.

Okay enough of my travels...

I told this story at the SO and everyone was in stitches so, Tim asked me to share it with everyone....

I don't know if any of you have ever done acid but it was the first drug i ever did, and I fucking loved it. Loved tripping my balls off. I tripped for the first time in 1974 - LSD was straight back then. My last trip was in 2004 on some killer shit from Amsterdam. I always took a couple of tabs. I loved the effect you got - things melting, music notes coming out of speakers you get the picture haha... So, my partner Tony Sacco gets out of State Prison after doing a 3 year stretch in 1981. In the joint he hooks up with some porter recons who are making it in New York City - in an abandoned building. Tony makes 2 trips to the City without me. I'm not going to drive with 5000 hits in a car - not my kind of scene. He keeps telling me how much fun he had in the City. So, I say "fuck it - I'm in." At the time we were selling PCP and LSD. Well, these kats never did any PCP. So, we're off to the Big City in a 1968 Fury 3 with Texas plates - and, yes, we brought some PCP. I felt a little uneasy the whole time - bad mojo - and I wasn't high. We hit the City, hook up with Tony's man and go to the acid warehouse. The place has more security then most banks. Men with guns - big guns. I'm a nervous wreck. Tony tells me it's kool - yeah right I'm going to piss myself any minute. So, we go into this room and we're hangin with the NYC acid gurus... now, at this time I'd been using a needle for awhile and I'm hooked. We turn them on to PCP and they are loving that Superman feeling you get from it. They in turn turn us on to liquid LSD. The thing with liquid LSD you don't know how much your doing before it's to late. Well, as usual I did way tooooo much.

Now we finish the deal and load up the fury with 5000 hits of micro dot LSD under the spare tire. We hit the road I'm tripping my fucking balls off.......we don't even get out of the City before the shit hits the fan. We get pulled over by the cops. Man all I could think of was Barney Miller and Manhattan South. I tell myself just don't look at him. The one thing about tripping is you don't sober up when tragedy strikes you just keep tripping. So this big black cop comes up to the window and tells us "I don't know whether you know it or not BUT you have been driving on a flat tire for at least the 8 blocks that I've been following you." "Fuck we're done" was all I could think. Then he says "I know your looking for the drug man." Little did he know haha..... So he tells us to park the car and get a hotel. "I don't want to see you guy's again tonight." Well, I'm all but laughing my ass off at that point, so we do like the nice police man sayss - we got a room. We were there for what seemed like forever - it was killing me. "I gotta get out of this fucking place - way to small to be tripping in..." So we make a plan - yeah on acid haha. We make it to the car and sure as shit the tire is still flat. Now, changing a tire while tripping is no easy task. The tire iron is bending, the car is way up in the air but seems to be on the ground. Some how we get it done without being noticed haha..... we hit 90 East, we're out of the City and I bust the fuck up laughing my ass off. For the next 8 hours I'm trapped in another state of mind I don't know where I was but I was at the edge of sanity an insanity. I saw things on that trip I never felt or saw before or since. I swore the dashboard was made out of chocolate an I kept trying to eat it until Tony talked me out of it. I don't know how many times I hit my head on the passenger window but it was a bunch I think I still have a flat spot there.

We were headed back to Buffalo and I say that because in my LSD state of mind I see a sign on the interstate that reads Erie PA next exit - "you stupid motherfucker Tony you drove right the fuck past Buffalo." We eventually made it home I finally came down from my trip some 13-14 hours later.......

That was the one and only time I went to New York City with Tony. Fun, my ass. A side note Tony has spent over 23 years of his life in prison he just got out this past November after doing a 5 year stretch.

"If your not on the edge your taking up space"

Your friend fingers - the wierd just started getting wierder.

"dope for ever for ever loaded"


VANDER said...

fingers i think we totally partied in another life.......just sayin

VANDER said...

im having flashbacks!!!!!!!!!

Clarke said...

holy shit. i just laughed myself into a heafty sweat. thank you