For lack of something better to do yesterday I saddled the ol' bicycle up and left with absolutely no direction. Probably how most of you start out. Ended up heading into downtown, albeit there isn't really a better direction on a bicycle. Cruised through town and ended up at Blue Flame Tattoo where a friend is guest spotting. Hung outside for a bit and caught sight of my friend bombing the hill out front. Found her down the road and found out she was headed to the airport. Ended up riding out to the airport with her, easy cruising the whole way. Ventured through yuppie hell (Cary) and into Morrisville to our destination, Baby Moon Cafe, where her fiance works. Baby Moon is 17 Miles one way. Congrats by the way, they just got engaged. Had some drinks and turned tail homeward, rolling the dice on a brewing thunderstorm. It was pushing a cold front, with the wind at my back the ride took a quarter of the time. All the while watching beautiful thunder heads and flashing lights. Rad time.

The Route:

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