Fuck that noise!

I've been fed up with most things in the world since I came out the womb. Cry me a river already, I know, I know.

But lately I've had all I can take. Now it's the "new black panther party" and the "tea parties". First off, this shit is whack. Good ideas albeit, however whack. It's a new era for Christ sake. The truest of true are long since gone, hell the OG Panthers think these guys are a joke, as i'm sure the folks throwing tea overboard would find the big wigs a joke too. The folks in these revolts need to step up to the plate. Fuck the legal noise, raise hell, kill babies, whatever. Fuck The World!

Step aside junior the facial hair doesn't make you look older

This is why shit doesn't happen anymore.


Tony d. said...

fuck the new black panther party. just Klan members in a different uniform.

As for the tea party, they may not be doing exactly what we all think is right, but at least they are a voice out there against the insanity that runs rampant on capitol hill.

trent reker said...

a better voice is the libertarians. they have nothing to do with sarah palin.