I Aint the captian of the yacht, but im on the Boat!

DS- Thanks for that warm, wonderful and welcoming post. I'm Honored you guys asked me to help soil up the blog and will do the best i can...
so Ive been out here in Phoenix for what started out to be a couple weeks and ended up being closer to four months.

This city is a trip and if you want heat stroke you should definitely come visit.

Although this has been the sweetest of times I have to go back to Florida and continue where i left off so I can to graduate college. (more to follow)

This is all that was left to of my buddy Rick's 45" chopper after cops litteraly ran'em down after mistaking him for another man who robbed a liquor. Rick fit the vary vague description of "a man who had long hair and riding a loud harley chopper". After being mauled by a Plymoth Rick was lying there with significant injuries, the officer jumped out of his squad car and pointing his gun(with trembling hands) at rick. at this very moment a call was projected over the radio
that the biker they were after tried to rob another liquor store and the owner blew him away with a twelve gauge-1969 Detroit.
Rick lost his leg that day but the Bad-Ass still rides

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VANDER said...

awesome to have ya...sorry to hear about your friends misfortune but awesome to hear hes still riding.....rick the ruler rules