First off, stupid phrase. "Oh my god" I'm not begging or praising God about anything here, simply stating my utter dis-fuc-king-belief of how appetizing this sandwich remains, and down to the last bite. Fuck....The sandwich that now resides inside of my stomach could bring world peace. The left and the right would be friends. Al Qaeda would apologize for their racist ways. Iraq would become stable. AIDS would stop killing and resound in a small, united cry heard round the world.

Ingredients for world peace:

braised pork, apricot chutney, shaved fennel, pickled red onion, a toasted baguette.

Have tissues ready.

A friend and I debated the chutney. She thought it too sweet and I thought it just right. Apricot chutney added a subtle hint of sweetness to this masterpiece. She doesn't like sweet she says. That statement further proves women are out of their fucking gords.

Just so you know, Death Science gets ran-dumb frequetly

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