Still a few left...

For those of you who that have been hiding under a rock the past few days that have not heard, Joey Cano (from HOTW) went down hard a few nights ago. We still have a few of our new Deathhead tail lights left that can be purchased in our store, with all of the proceeds going to help out Joey. You can also get a Praying Hands shift knob, and all proceeds will go to Joey. Thanks for the support, and we hope to see you fuckers in Baltimore!

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Karl Elvis said...

This just made me change my 'no skulls' rule for my ride. Gotta have it. Dunno if it's gonna wind up on the triumph or the harley, but it's goin' on one of 'em!

By the way, the 'word verification' i get on this comment is 'pacer'. WHich makes me want to head-bang to bohemian rhapsody!