Talk the talk

So the other day at the shop Marcus and Jeremiah were fixing a blown gasket and re-jetting a carb on Purple Rain(1970 sportster). I was busy throwing on a new rear tire (due to a recent blowout). at the end of the day when both projects were complete Jeremiah was driving the P-rain down the block, up curbs and burning out on the sidewalk. i mentioned to him that it would be funny it we drag raced down the road, well Jeremiah quickly replied "Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhh you don't want none of this, you will get smoked ect ect".
I told him, he didn't want it but he insisted i get my shit. So i went into the shop and rolled out the shovelhead. by the time i made it to the road they had the route mapped out so it would be a fair race, because the sporstser is only fast off the line and not topspeed we raced two blocks. as soon as i pulled out i stalled (everyone laugh) I get her started again and Line up with J at the light and we took off on J's voice but ofcourse he said go super low and fast so he got a lame ass jump start leaving me back a half a length were neck and neck till about 15mph and i hear what i think is my engine reving out but i only had the throttle half way so then i realise its Purple Rain over reving and i capitalize on the moment by jacking the throttle all the way like a whole shot and shift into second gear and half way thru second and i was already at the finish with Jeremiah nowhere to be found.
Yes I do realise that i have over 500 ccs on Jeremiah but when someone trash talks up and down It still feels pretty damn good! and plus when we are doing having pure fun everyone wins.
Maybe next time we will race index
I wish i had pics but only memories

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LoveCycles said...

benji p rain smoked you.. for the first 10 feet. we will miss you buddy see you soon. jeremiah and the rest of the love boys