Beind The Barbed Wire - Jeff Clayton of Antiseen


SO.........how did the GBH show go? pretty damned well in my estimations.Well, considering there was only 150 paid through the door which is embarrassing , but then again we ARE talking about Charlotte, NC...the city that could only have a turnout of 200 for the New York Dolls!!! OK, OK, so it was a Tuesday night, I reckon we should take that into consideration. We opened the show with a 30 minute set that according to some hack at CREATIVE LOAFING blog was "average" at best. Truth of the matter is, this fucking asshole had his opinion of us set before he ever walked into the fucking club!!

ANYWAY...like us or not, just get used to the fact that we aint going away, we are the best thing going today AND Charlotte is simply "that place where ANTiSEEN is from".

The GBH guys were some really cool guys. I brought 'em a jar of peach moonshine to welcome them to the South...the REAL South. They seemed to really enjoy that stuff. I gotta tell ya, we've played with quite a few of those old Brit bands (Exploited, Anti Nowhere League etc...) and although most of the bands were cool (with the exception of some of em's road crews....who were fucking PRICKS...not GBH's) these guys were the nicest we've met. they actually took the time to ask, learn and remember all of our names (something i can barely do!!!) and talked to us as equals and not the "lowlife opening act"...So to those dudes in GBH (and crew) if I had a shot of shine right now i'd be toasting it too you!!

I wanna say thanks to all of our fans that came out and drove from long (and short) distances to be there.Thanks to the crew at Tremont as well. Live Pics by Girlie Punk Productions.

If any of you saw the show and wanna see the full god damned tilt ruin extravaganza...then come on out to SNUG HARBOR on Friday, August 13th for a sonic ass kick!!!! Opening the show will be our good pals SELF MADE MONSTERS & BIGGY STARDUST & His WRETCHED HIVE!! Snug is located at 1228 Gordon Street in "that place where ANTiSEEN is from", Charlotte, NC. Doors are at 9pm show starts at 10pm...cover is $8 to the best of my knowledge, could be less but it wont be over that.

Well, the GG ALLIN & ANTiSEEN picture disc is in production as we speak (read) so Ole Rusty will be lettin' ya'll know when you can start pre-ordering that AND that wonderful new Two Headed Dog T-shirt & Hat Design!! Goddamn what a thing of beauty. Keep a lookout for a new overhaul of the MySpace page and as always, for more ANTiSEEN info and merch and culture you can always go to www.antiseen.com.

I almost forgot, on August 14th we will be in Roanoke Virgina at the Bridge Street Grill, 702 Bridge Street, in beautiful Roanoke, Viginny!!!! It's a FREE show folks so come out early and stake out a spot to watch the non-stop action and self praise!!! (there will be some music played as well).

I don't have much more for ya this week do to the fact that my computer is getting ready to go to that great computer graveyard....so hopefully I'll have that remedied before too long. Thanks for the support and keep checking in to see whats up behind the barbed wire!!

I'd like to take this space to send Happy Birthday wishes to my son Jeffrey, Phil Keller of ANTiSEEN and my condolences to our old pal Jimmy King on the passing of his father.

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Nick said...

Fuck, at least you got to see GBH. They came nowhere near us.