All's not well on my home front but I'm trying to keep a positive mental attitude regardless. Last weekend was a total cluster fuck, and Sunday while cruising by my a neighborhood where a few friends live. I discover caution tape and mass lights blaring. At the time I didn't put two and two together and later discovered a friend had passed away. Raleigh lost another true soul.

God's speed.

John Randolph Buchanan and Courtney Danielle Rosman

Slacking on photos of my bike, dotting I's and crossing T's at this point. Stay safe, stay true gang.


Matt said...

Thomas, you need to outrun that dark cloud you live under and get that bike done! Like HR said (and you quoted) P.M.A. will see you through. The next time you skip out on a weekend trip with Tim and I, we are going to kidnap you in the murder van...just sayin'

Mac said...
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Mac said...

they were talking about this at vertical today after the es demo. really really sucks. i didnt know him, but everyone says he was a great kid.

im with matt. finish the bike. get it on the road. the demons can never keep up.

Thomas said...

Must have been another kid sadly. John passed three years ago. Sadly, the majority of people at Vertical probably didn't actually know him. There was quite the rift between shops at the time.

Good news wise tonight I had compression, spark, and fuel and we all know what that means. My baby is breathing fire again and nothing can take that feeling away from you.

Mac said...

Sorry about that. The kid they were talking about was from Durham, I think. Or Burlington.

I just moved to the area not long ago, and vertical is closest to me and their snowboard selection is really good. ive heard them mention a rift, although now it seems like good vibes whenever they talk about eg.

glad your bike is on the road. hope you make it on the ride for lightning.