Also of note, in the museum is one of only 3 known 1936 Knucks in original condition,
The Flying Cloud

Tons more stuff to see... just go!
The guys were awesome and treated us great. Looking forward to seeing that chopper chassis and hope you guys bring some vintage iron out the the Ride for Lightning!
After that, me and Vivien had another deal lined up which took us 2 1/2 hours (one way) out of our way. I was promised that it would be totally worth the trip....... well.... it was a total flop. Fucking douchebag didn't even have the thing he had advertized, let alone this pile of parts that were so great.... got home at 3:30 AM and sat down to realize that my new puppy had pissed on my side of the bed. Nice.

So Tim called me up what felt like three minutes later and its back up, and on to Pittsburgh. We had a deal going and decided to start hitting Craigslist to see what else was out there.

Scored most of a truckload for a nice price from a deaf guy with a dog that would have been happy to eat me whole outside Pittsburgh. Totally made up for the bullshit deal the night before.

So we get back to my place late as hell, and crash. Wake up in the morning to a puddle in the kitchen and think the puppy dog pissed (again) then realize that the hot water heater has shit the bed and the whole downstairs is flooded. So today was spent getting the truckload of crap in the house in some sort of organized fashion, dealing with home owners insurance, and cleaning up water.... insane three days...
If you ordered shit from me on egay. I swear its going out tomorrow.... or Monday...

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DSTim said...

Crazy trip.... glad I could help.... I have now seen the magic of Jason parts picking in person.... amazing... AND I can't thank Jason enough for hooking me up just for tagging along...... fucking THANKS!!!