Finger Food Friday - Out on my terms... sorta,

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers - zoo York Fingers back at the keys... sorry about the delay but I was having a mid-life crisis... Yeah, fuck I know you missed me like a zit on your dick, but I had to get the fuck outta of dodge [FL]... If you ever get the chance don't fucking go there. It sucks ass! I would rather go to a Yanni concert with my dead Grandmother. \

Well, besides trying to burn the truck up, the great move went well - only one broken plate. Took two and half days to drive to NY. I remember being able to do it in 19 hours. Fucking A, getting old sucks. In the middle of PA, I thought I was tripping again... thought someone dosed me. Any of you weirdos ever have that happen to you? All of a sudden your trippin' and you didn't drop any acid?

It's happened to me.... some dog dick bitch decided that it would be tooo kool if everyone was trippin with him. Dropped a window pane in our hard cider - called it "lectriccider." Apples taste fucking weird when your trippin'. Well I'm bout trippin balls when this dude that dosed us kicks us out of his pad,great now we got to deal with the squares haha..... what a night.... but that's a story for later.

Let's just say the move is over.

Back to where I left off.... Well fuck, back to the war games. We played hide and seek with the other team for about 4 or 5 months. It was getting real old. The first thing I noticed was certain people weren't coming to the table with anything while some seemed to be doing it all. The Pres was always shacked up in his compound waiting for phone reports from the front. Around this time my buddy and brother JJ decides to make a move a real heavy one - this was real heavy as he was the srgt at arm and a great soldier for the club. He goes and starts prospecting for the red team,[are you with me, wink wink] and leaves us short.

Well, yours truly gets sick of the passes some are getting in the club and starts asking questions [side note 1 don't question the boss - not good]. So now the pres is getting pissed at me - too much boat rocking. So, I decided "fuck it" and I start hanging out with JJ and the red team - I get to see how the world really works. I fucking love it! Well, the Pres didn't - or at least that's what I found out!

So, my plan was at the next meeting I was going to drop out and go prospect for the red team - that was my plan. And we all know what they say about a good plan.... The shit hits the fan hard real fucking hard I'm in a real situation with my club. The Pres starts the meeting and I interrupt him [side note 2, if you are in this situation don't interrupt the Pres]. Well unknown to me someone threw me under the bus - hard. He knew I was hanging we the red team. He blows a major gasket - tells me "we aint no stepping stone for the red team."... blah, blah, blah.... He pulls my patch tells me I'm prospecting I said fuck no [side note 3, don't talk like that to the Pres of a club]. He tells me I got two choices - either prospect or get out "bad. Well, you guessed it I said get out... Well, when I said that they put my skinny ass on a bar stool and for the count of 10 two guys one on the right one on the left punched me wherever they wanted - anywhere but the face. I quickly realized that if I fell on the floor I could catch a break. After all that fun the real games started. He tells me he's taking my chop and you guessed it I say "fuck that." Once again - wrong answer. He smashes me in the face. There's a certain point in life when common sense takes over and stupidity leaves... With 9 guys, most with guns, and me already beat up I knew I was not going to win this one. Yeah I know some of you tough guys will say "they would never take my bike." I say save that story for your chick don't run it on me. You can't beat 9 guys following the orders of the boss. So I caved in and said "TAKE IT, IT,S ONLY A PIECE OF METAL!" That was the fucking hardest thing I ever did in my fucked up life to date. I built that chopper, bled on it and was the first to start it. It was truly MINE.....

So I,m out of the club and out a chopper I built and owned for 13 years... Only one thing to do - I go into depression... deep. I'm a miserable mother fucker. I give up on the red team. I give up on everything. Till my beautiful woman says "just build another one bigger and better." So, as corny as that sounds that's what I did. FTF [side note 4, Alex, the Pres is in jail after this awaiting trial for a bunch of fed and state charges. The feds contact me want me to testify against him. They know about my bike being stolen. So what do you think I did? Told the cops to fuck off! I'm no rat!]

Until next time........

My lifestyle dictates my deathstyle........


TwistyMcFisty said...

Fuckin love these stories.

fingers said...

thanks man i really enjoy putting them out to share