out of hiding

Been under the radar for a couple weeks due to re acclamation to so fla. but im back, And I finally got a fucking working phone so i can post pics! The Bad Bitch makes a sweet coaster!



Nick said...

So, you went on a bitchin' ride and got home and decided to take a bath and there were boobs in the tub? Cool.

VANDER said...

hahaha yes sir welcome back !!!!!!!!!

Matt said...

Next time you need to post the tits first, cause everything after that bitchin shovel of yours gets lost! Glad to have you on board and look forward to more posts and meeting in person!

Doogler said...

I'm like a little kid and the only way you'll get met to bathe is if there's bubbles i mean boobies in there.
tits before bikes? I hear what your saying brother but I dunno and likewise on meeting face to face I look forward to it!