With the TBR and the RFL coming up its time to prepare so what better way than a primer run down to South Beach twice (once on sat and again on sunday and no i wasnt wearing my grillz and my wife beat)
my float got stuck while racing a twin cam, luckily the thing got unstuck but gas pissing out of the overflow can be scary.
I was super close to getting a naked chic to sit on my bike but i was rejected and she was pushin like 240. on the ride back thru ft lauderdale we rode side by side with a buttload of candypaint dripping hi-riding G-bodys... no sudden moves
well all and all im ready
thanks Pauly and Llyod for your help and hospitality you guys are real sweet


DSMatt said...

Nothing like some donk rides on a nice Florida summer night's run!

DSVANDER said...

thats what benji was riding! paint your monte carlo and got some wheels eh?