Finger Food Friday - Heroes and Choppers...

Hey all you weirdos, lurkers and you freaks it's Fingers back at the keys and I'm live and in your face.

It was a crazy day... got called to go to work yesterday after being off only 4 days... Tim hits me up first thing this morning "hey where's FFF?" Fuck! I thought it was Thursday. So I'm late... you can all breathe easy now I'm not going anywhere. Me and Tim have resolved our labor issues, so I'm back on the payroll. I guess this makes me a scientist working for the Death Science Lab, Inc. Ltd. .com .net .org ... well, you get it. Glad to see the boss hard at work... shirts look killer - straight killer. Can't wait to get my own to wear.

Well, RfL is fast approaching. Time to bring the chopper freaks back to the mountains. I personally can't fucking wait. Fuck the main stream we want to be on the edge of sanity. That's where it's at man. If you can function on the edge you can really live!

Topic of the week.... heroes and choppers.........

I spoke last week about Painter - he truly inspired me to get my shit straight; to finally get it right. Others inspire me also... Sunny Barger and Sweet Cocaine - that bike was 40 years ahead of its time. I remember seeing it on VHS and pausing to see all the bitchin' tricks on that chop. I was never into long bikes - don't handle well. But Denver Mullins was doing some bitchin' shit back in the day. And you can't talk about long bikes with out saying the words Sugar Bear - wooooooowwwww... out of controll. Man he killed with those crazy and complex rockers. Jeff Cocaran is one of my latest heroes. When I first met Jeff it was really fucking weird - we just looked at each other and started talking; like old friends. We spent about 3 hours reminiscing and talked about the scene. Man, I tell you it was like their was nobody around us - tunnel vision. To find out we had a lot in common was to say least. Clean and sober and the of love the all mighty chopper.

When I first saw this next kat it was in a mag and he blew me away with his style and the way I could tell he carried himself. Another clean and sober freak hard at the scene. From his black and white pan to Superfreak to the Xwedge... Only one killer kat could pull off a bitchin prodject like the Xwedge that true freaks like us can dig... you know his name - Chopper Dave. Dave also keeps us coming back with his parts that are over the fucking top. So what you wait a little longer for them... look how long you waited for your first piece of ass!!!! In my eyes Dave is a true hero and I'm not saying that for any other reason than it's the truth. I still pay cash the same as you all. To quote RICO FOLEY "those who keep it all going will have their glory in the end" - how fucking true that is.

So when I was an Outlaw I rode a fuckin' chopper and always will. I don't like baggers they are uncomfortable and just ugly. Well, my boss keep trying to get me to get a road bike. But I wont give in. When I first got my patch a brother from Knoxville died - it's mandatory to send at least two representatives from each chapter to a funeral. So me and the boss and two others go non-stop (except for for fuel) to k-ville at 100 mph. When we roll up on a traffic accident - a boat came off the trailer in rush hour traffic in Atlanta - well, low and behold I light a smoke that's when I saw the look in the boss's eye... I said to myself "this is going to suck." We hit the shoulder at about 65mph an pissed off a lot of squares in cages. At any minute I figured a door would come flying open but we made it though with yours truly 6 inches off the boss's rear tire. When we hit clean air he cracked wide open and grinned in the mirror at me. I was right the fuck their when at about 90 mph I hit something fucking BIG in the road. My hole bike went in the air - both tires were off the ground. Somehow I rode it out.... At the next gas stop the brother was laughing his ass off said I had hit a tire with no rim - "didnt you see it?" No, you fucking idiot at 90mph 6 inches off the boss's tire all I could see was rubber. Well, we made the funeral.

While there a brother was killed in Milwaukee... when I was told I said "fuck me - here we go again." We hit the rad to Milwaukee as hard as we did going to k-ville. You know at this point I'm starting to hate my chopper. I'm thinking FXR with a hot rod motor in it could be kool... yeah right.........

Well all you crazy kats and kitten time for big daddio to turn this off and ride my death science scene making gear banging wheelie king chopper........................

Remember there is nothing to fear Fingers is hear.............




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