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Hey all you weirdos, lurkers and yeah you fucking freaks I know you are all out there, cus I hear you.

Man this is a real fucking gas... Well, I just got done doing a shout down at a foundry for 15 days straight... 10 hours a day really moneyed up. I really needed it after the big move to New York. It really is true what they say - you don't know how much you miss something till its not there.

We dropped off with me dropping out of the Outlaws after 84 days - had to regroup and get all my shit straight. You better have your shit straight when you make a major move like I was in life. It was during this time I became tight with a true hero to me someone who was doing it before me - when the shit was too fucking kool... you know like before the interstate took over the free world with wally world - fuck there's one on every corner I think they are trying to beat out 7-11.... Like when I lived in Fla [remember boys and girls what I say about Florida ..... it sucks midget ass] you could drive on A1A along the ocean and never even see the beach with all the condo,s... but let me get back to the story...

The kat's name is Painter. Shit, forget everything else he had a fucking wolf - not part dog part wolf - the real fucking deal WOLF all 160 pounds plus. Well I'm a great animal lover from way back so me and Ouknock got along real good. And I say good because I really respected that animal. I've had German Shepherds all my life some mean, some not - none of them were 160 plus pounds.

One day while chillen at Painter's I see a piece of glass on the floor and not wanting wolfy to get cut I grab for it... side note one - Painter never told me that the wolf thinks everything on the floor is his. Well, this giant mother fucker with 2 inch fangs comes charging me. I about shit myself. For a second I thought that it was over for yours truly - done, dead, gone, not here no more, checked out. Well, I said fuck you cut your paw see if I care; try and eat me, will ya. Sadly years later he died, but not before earning my life-long respect.

When I met painter he looked like he was a 1%er at one or still might have been... but being in FL, the land of bullshit and sun I didn't know what to think - everyone has a story down there. I was working out of town one time when my ol' lady's car wouldn't start. I tell her to call Painter. She does. Well, she goes back to his shop to get the cage straight.... Painter says to Blondie that I'm a real kool kat and I shouldn't go back to the Outlaws... well, Blondie says "at least he is not going to be a Pagan." Well Painter says "hang on I'll be right back."... comes down with.... wait for it... A Pagan's retired patch... NYLI boss 20 years in the club.... you can imagine the fucking look on her face when she saw this. I call to see how she made out with the cage an she lays that on me... I'm like no fucking way drilling her about his patch...... so I roll back into town and go see my new homie... haha - sure as shit saw it with my own two eyes.

At this time Painter is painting a tank and 2 fenders for me,just like all the good old Painters I know - takes forever. In the mean time we are getting real close... he is one fucking hell of a fabricator and the best welder I've seen and I weld for a living. Being 100% German he is a true metal Nazi he knows the riddle of steel. Not many people can look at a chunk of steel and see the finished product in there mind - well, he can.

So he inspired me to do the right thing in life. He lived the life I was headed towards for a long time. After many talks I returned to the club made it through bike week which was hell but I was on a mission haha... Probated for 184 days got called into a meeting thinking this is going to be it... when I got back there I was asked a lot of questions some legit some stupid questions (trying to trick me) that did not make any sense at the time - looking back they were seeing how I would react under pressure. I must of did good because the boss stood up and gave me my first Outlaw shirt. I could not believe I made it - finally - side note 2 [I was the first guy to make it in 3 years under Smitty]. We all went out and I got drunk as a Daytona Beach FL Outlaw for the first time...

The gypsy woman was right when she said I would go far...
Love the life I live
Live the life I love


p.s. follow your dream - you only live once, one album, one tour "blind faith"

I don't usually do this but Painter is a brother... If you need paint call painter tell him your a friend of Fingers - (386)314-9236

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