The Floridian Snake Spider

Thursday night my cousin shows up at the crib with this bite on the back of his leg close to the pipe burn he had(btw he's my roomate)
he said it showed up outa nowhere and throbs like a wierd bruise or like a charlie horse.
the next day(friday) the bite felt worse and he kept complaining about it.
well friday night I noticed a pimple on my elbow which is normal because i tend to get a pimple there every so often, i popped it and puss came out like normal(didnt think much of it). saterday morning there was more puss in it that the day before so i popped it again. saterday evening comes around and the tip of my elbow is super sore and red now im thinking theres something strange going on and my goulboy cousin may of spread some shit my way. well sunday comes and my arm is a little more sore and sensitive to the touch and i mentioned it to Billy and he was like your arm isnt bad your being paranoid. well with that being said billy's leg blew up like a baloon and i drove to the ER and he got sliced open and they drained his "bite" but at this point the doc told us it wasnt a crazy aids ridden spider it was cellulitis and it could be contagious. now im like fuck this little rash on my elbow is gonna turn into this nasty shit

now im on a mission the next(monday) day i go straight to my school nurse and start blabbing to her a mile a minute and said i need this shit treated asap so she whips out this giant needle and now i feel like im in that movie planet terror. Im like where you sticking me she replys in your ass bend over...FUCK... that shit was painful so she gave me some pills and sent me on my merry way... this is what my arm was looking like at this point
My arm feels like hit my elbow with a hammer. when i get back from the store(an hour later) my forearm is starting to swell up like im wearing armadillo armor. at this point im on fire!
Now im wishing the school nurse gave me some sort of painkiller i couldnt fall asleep the whole night and when i finally passed out i woke up to the nurse calling me in the morning to see how i was doing... i told her she was a jerk for not giving me pain pills because i was hurting bad and my arm is huge. she said nurses can prescribe narcotics yada yada but she wanted to see me immediately. I show up and she sends me straight to the emergency room and I feel like im doing sunday night at the ER all over again but atleast i knew what i was in for and was getting the propper treatment. doc sliced me up real quick to inspect my shit then ran the iv on me for two hours or so.
soon enough i was outa there. My arm already feels better not to mention the vicodon Im on right now. What a stressfull ass half a week!
Im glad i didnt wait till my shit got infected and like my cousins but it still sucks going thru this shit, hospitals are gay. Atleast it wasnt a crazy spider but that woulda been cool and not as lame as catching a staff infection from my skeevy cousin... prolly all those roaches he smokes. yea I know i got super personal but thats how it is... And please remember to wash your hands and clean your tubs!


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oh man, I got staph in a tattoo once and it was insaaaanely disgusting. my dad thought I was bein a pussy so he cut it open for me and he was like "yeahh just squeeze it out" so I did and then it spread and holy SHIT it sucked. that shit hurts! the doctor gave me some serious business antibiotics and they told me to take baths with a cup of bleach in them. bleach baths, what the fuck?! anyway, feel better!