The Week in a nut-shell

Fuck man I need to post more regularly. Its hard for me to get on someone elses case for not updating their blog when i aint postin shit so my apologies to all
the babyboys and babygurls.

Spent all day monday hoofing around campus trying to reregister my classes because last week in and out of the hospital took a toll on my classes

but atleast I took the bike to school too bad floridas weather is gay (notice the clouds in the pic above) so yea i hit some rain and got stuck waiting for the train reminded me of the last verse of that DAC song greatest country western song, and let me tell ya the bad bitch dont handle well
in the rain.
and yea tuesday valet same shit bad weather at the beach no bodys comes out i make dick
Ah so wednesday i poke my head in over at RedRacing they had a 47 indian and a 61? pan that the guy inherited from his bro and this thing sat in a open horse barn for 20 years and the dude brought it in to got a new bat and new fluids thing started right up and hes gonna ride it how it is!

And ofcourse needed to hit up the pita principal... Meatball parm
i was hoping on thursday i would park more cars than i did on tuesday but I was too busy getting stiffed by guidos with there sweet ass evo pan with the works

and usually this spot is a 20 dollar minimum and i only put the nicer and sweeter cars i.e.

friday night i didnt make much money and went home and was hungry and wanted to make something different so I boiled steak in coke then grilled it up (Slammin') yea no i deffinetly thought i was gonna burn my down my apartment but its actually safe! try it

Im gonna skip saterday
so sunday was the first sunday it didnt rain in 3 weeks so i finally had a chance to hook up with some local cats who i met throught the underwear journal.
I ended up meeting them at this place called Cafe 27(which is basically a gas station in the middle of nowhere with a bar on the other side of the lot which serves gumbo out of a shed) place was sorta a freak show made me look somewhat normal. Super cool guys Jimmy, Jorgey, Eric and Lloyd . from there we went to flossy's where we Got down with the PBRs and checked out each others ride.

Jimmy is a super local and knows every single spot so he takes us to his local dive 10 minutes down the road, where I end up getting flagged... Yea why? Because Lloyd and i were glaumming all the hot dogs and when we ate all six that were left the bar tender told us she will make more 30 minutes goes by and i walk in the bar and see whats taking these hot dogs so long and she told me theres no more dogs at this point im hungry as hell and want me some damn dogs so about a minute later i walk in the bar for another round and notice this guy loading up a hotdog with all the fixins and the bartender is assisting him so i ask whats the deal? she immediatley replies no you guys are fucking animals and eat ten hot dogs at once with no buns i cant have you hurting my business like that so i ask her if she wanted money to compensate for the hotdogs we ate and she keeps swearing so i walk outside empty handed no beers no dogs and have to break the news to boys outside turns out she was right behind me pissin and moaning about these fucking hot dogs so luckily jimmy is the man around these parts and brought us to tarks to solve are hunger issues. so we gather ourselves over some kickass peel and eat oldspice shrimp n wings... this place is amazing Im so glad i was brought here thanks again jimmy

with the night on its way the only two left were Lloyd and i so we went back to his shop Lobo Cycles and shot the shit, small spot but plenty of room and tools to get shit done to say the least.

hes even got a Hand-Burger machine
so all and all my week had its ups and downs but ups definitely outweigh the downs, i ended the evening solo at the bar of all bars (totally kidding)

oh yea and my elbow is getting better thanks everyone!

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