Hey what's up all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers? Well, it's Friday and I'm pounding the keys again.... After digging around in my fucked up brain for fff this week I spotted a yellow pinto jammin' down the interstate... man, that fucking triggered a flashback. I almost ducked down.... felt like I was back in that scene.

It's like '82 or early '83 and me and my old running partner Tony Sacco are in the depths of Hell. We are strung out on PCP and Heroin - two of the most addictive drugs at that time. When your in the clutches of H it's a fucking lifestyle. I remember the first time I stuck a needle in my arm like it was seconds ago. Man that instant rush you makes you feel like you aint gonna stop getting higher and higher. The whole process of shooting dope is like a waltz with the devil... opening the bundle, letting it drop into the spoon, fill the rig with water squirt it in the spoon, a piece of a cig filter, the flame stir it then draw it up the rig... your mouth is salivating with anticipation of the rush. Your mouth goes completely dry as you slowly push the rig into your vein... then BAM YOUR FUCKING HIGH.

So we are scoring dope from some black dudes on the Eastside of Buffalo, on Jefferson to be exact - east as east gets. So, we are going to score some black tar heroin in a fucking yellow pinto hatch back - the color of that fucking car (both the one then and the one I saw the other day) made me dope sick. We roll up to the dope house, jump out of the pinto and hit the sidewalk. That's when I noticed this old black dude sitting on a milk crate with a bottle of wine in a brown paper bag. He says "that shit will kill ya, stay with the wine white boy." Yeah what do you know pops? We hit the stairs bang the door, we score, shoot some in the worst bathroom I have ever been in. We hit the side walk with one thing on our mind - let's get home and shoot more dope. The side walk seemed to have changed since we left it, it was brighter. Why you might ask? Nope not the dope... the fucking pinto was engulfed in flames. The old black dude, yeah, he's still there... "GET BACK SHE'S GONNA BLOW, SHE'S GONNA BLOW..." Fuck, nothing like being high, dope in your pocket, your pinto in flames and on the wrong side of town.

Still don't remember exactly what happened next.... but I can tell you that to this day when I see a Yellow Pinto my skin crawls......

There's no hope with dope and with booze you lose.

I've been clean and sober for 5 years now and I'm loving life!

Forever Fingers - Fingers Forever

P.S.Just a side note... period correct needs to put a fucking Kotex on, your bleeding us dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't buy gouged parts your feeding the enemy.

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