Finger Food Friday - Death of a BROTHER

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers - fingers back at it hitting the keys once agian.

Well, as you all may or may not know I buried a good friend, a brother, a man I knew for 35 years this week. We went to school together.... people are always amazed that I still know and stay in touch with people I went to school with... Maybe because I left high school kinda abruptly in 1976 - we had a small riot - they got me on film... haha.

I'm trying to shake Mark's death - it's been HARD. Not to be fucking weird or anything but I hear the fucker talking to me a lot lately... like just before the funeral - "do it right Fingers." Well, that was all I needed to hear - I did it. We could only muster up 5 bikes for the procession, but we were the loudest 5 you ever heard. We all met at another long time friends Berhaa's pad - a fried that Mark was living with till just before he checked out. When it was time to roll we pull out of Berhaa's house and I set the tone of the days affair by launching a 2 gear burn-out - car alarms followed our progress. LOUD AND PROUD - "that was for you Mark" I said to the skies. We rolled up to the church hard. I slide in fast, almost too fast but not for the day. We were freaking out the squares for sure. We were greated by Mark's dad, Paul, who said we weren't invited to the cemetery for the burial ceremony they had planned - haha... I turned to our small but loud crew and said "we are going! What are they going to throw us out?"

Well, a little something not many people know about me is I am a Christian with a strong belief - now you know just about everything about me. So I was asked to do a reading - kool no problem. I was also a pall bearer when we carried Mark into probly the biggest Catholic church in Buffalo. I said aloud "Mark you made it big time now my brother." It wasn't till we hit the steps of this great place that it hit me like a hammer... man, I could not stop crying. We take his box to the alter and I start to get it together... that's when I noticed the Priest had no socks on and he's wearing croc's - fuck, I hear you Mark not kool at all. I'm only supposed to read one scripture from the old testament Lamentations 3:17-26. I got a copy to study the day before. Well, I got through it very well and I'm relieved because I'm not a very good public speaker. I ended up reading 3 and it went well. It must of been because of the warm welcome Mark's dad gave us when we got there.... haha.... Putting Mark in the hearse was fucking tough man - I'm in the middle of the street balling.

We followed the hearse in the missing man formation - doing it right man. We all took turns in the front but it was me that stayed up there when we pulled into the cemetery with our big twin engines at high revs we were waking the dead - "doing it right man." 3 deer ran in front or the hearse, running hard and fast just like us. We pulled up to Mark's final resting spot and it's beautiful - trees and a view of South Park Ave., Mark spent a lot of time on that street. We carry mark to the fresh hole they had dug for him and once again I'm balling my eyes out. The priest dose his thing and they say that;s it folks. Well I hear "DO IT RIGHT MAN".... I pull a piece of paper out of my vest and announce "I got something I want to read."

death of a brother
Mark was a son
Mark was a brother
Mark was my brother
Mark lived in the fast lane,
not to rust in a day
Mark rode hard,and lived fair
for me i know Mark is in heaven,
cus the devil couldn't handle him
for death only closes a mans
reputition,and determines it
good or bad
Mark you had a good reputation
I miss you my brother

p.s.keep your big mouth shut and listen to God
say hello to Fudd for us and all the brothers and sissters who
left us
and Mark make sure I'm on the"geust list"
death of a brother

When I was done everyone was balling even the Priest.

It is said we will met again... if not in this then the next one and don't be late!

I will always remember Mark. I miss you my brother!


icyuod said...

again sorry for the loss in the DS family....great pictures and read...and by doing these posts you not only get to keep his spirit and good times close to heart...but also let the world know (like me) of this great guy and brother badass

(instead of riding shoulder to shoulder...he now rides on yours)



condolances man, i lost a good one earlier this year.......still hasn't sunk in....