Finger Food Friday - the Kidnap!

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers, Fingers back at the key board.

Well it's starting to get chilly up here but I'm ready. Got my plan together for the rebuild of my chopper. New wheels front and back, paint the frame add a little chrome and call it done.

I thought this week I'd write about a great friend, a true brother I've known for 40 years - my brother Don Kellogg - no not the cereal mogul. I met Don in school but didn't hang with him till later in life. Once we started hanging out you couldn't get us apart. We lived together in Texas, Florida and Buffalo. When we lived in Buffalo, Don rode a stock trumpet 500. He split and moved to Odessa, TX in like '77 or so... He came back for a visit and we were all hanging out at the Belle Star Bar, a jamming joint in the country, and he said I should move to Texas with him and Vinny Sacco. They were working in the oil field drilling for oil and making some big cash. Well, I'm not one to miss out on cash so I moved there a few months later. When I got there Don had chopped the trumpet into a kool little bike.

So fast forward a few years... I came back from Texas after cutting my ear off [don't worry they put it back on] cashed in a law suit and bought a bsa chopper. Don also came back for awhile. We were hanging everyday and night riding and wrenching - that's he way we rolled. So I'm staying with my ol man and his second wife and 6 kids - 4 girls, 2 boys. Well, Don had just bought Fudds '63 Pan and was coming over to show me. Now my step-sister always had a thing for choppers - she didn't want to admit it but I could see it in her eyes... When Don rolled into my yard on the Pan I thought my sister Suzy was going to feint right there - between the Pan and Don.... You see I ain't gay but Don is a good looking kat... jet black hair with that blond patch birthmark. Fuck, if I had tits and a hole I'd fuck him. Well Suzy and my brother Tony's chick, Michelle are drooling when Don rolls up - you get the pciture. We shot the shit and don and Suzy are hitting it off pretty good. The chicks want us to take them for a RIDE. I said ok they split up stairs to get ready. I tell Don "lets kidnap them and make the scene at Allegany." Allegany is a State Park about 100 miles one way. Don says ok. So it was a plan. We grab the chicks and hit the highway doing about 100 mph. We jam for awhile and the girls are cool till about a hour latter at a gas stop when Suzy asks where we are going. Me and Don sit back and say "YOUR BEING KIDNAPED" No ransom just get on and hold on. We weren't prepared for it eithert - shirts and vests was all we had. Yeah, the chicks bitched a little but they really were digging it. We hit the park at dark-thirty and started searching for our friends who were already there. After a bit of looking we find them and commence to drinking beer, shots of uncle Jack and hitting the weed hard. It got pretty late so we all decide to crash. We go inside the cabin and there's only two beds and one is already full. So, without skipping a beat I shove Michelle in the only open bed..... Don followed my play. We fuck around a bit and I jump out of the bed and drop my clothes... the chicks and Don follow. I hear "what the fuck, Fingers!" I look up and the three of them are in bed staring at me. I snap back "you think god would give somebody hair like this and not a big dick?" Well, they busted the fuck up. I don't think my brother ever forgave me for fucking his chick..... we all had a blast till we showed up back at my house. All the squares were staring at us. We were just freaking out the squares man (love you Clarky). We all would hook up a couple of more times, but nothing was like the kidnap...

Fuck life before life fucks YOU!

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