Finger Food Friday - Mayhem

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers...

What's up with this world? I was on e-gay and saw a warbird taillight for sale for $850.00. Who the fuck is dumber? The guy selling it or the dope buying it? I know somebody has to have it and somebody really wants it. Sooner or later they will be repopped and you wont know the difference. Don't get me wrong I personally would love to sport one on the Social Deviant, but I'd spend $100.00 at the most... so I'm settled in for the long run here in the get down city of Buffalo. Weather is beautiful right now - that well change soon for the worse, but I'm ready... got some killer plans for my chopper going to give the frame a freash coat of jet black paint some chrome and lacing up some akront wheels to wrap with avon.

So speaking of choppers... I left the outlaws in 2004, redid my chop and hit the streets looking to make the scene.... problem there is no real chopper scene in fla [because fla sucks]... so, i decide to make my own. Biketoberfest that year was the time when all MAYHEM broke loose... I met Steven from Steel City Choppers, Billy and the Devil from Bare Bones Choppers, Pinball, the Kid and the beautiful Stoneman from Brooklyn. Man, we had are own scene going on... choppers, dope and chicks were flowing like a river.... we all hung out at the Last Resort in fla. Then we all met again in NC at the Smoke Out. One thing kept coming up...... our shared love for Choppers....... then while I was on a sabbatical in the county jail on some bullshit charges it hit me - LORDS OF MAYHEM. I drew the first rendition of the shirt while I was in jail... starting with the L from Lavern's sweater from Lavern and Shirley fame. We have grown a lot over the last 7 years with about 60 members in 3 different countries. We have had more and we have had less, but for me being one of the origanal 7 has been a pain in the ass... a lot of drama and bullshit but I eat sleep and breathe LOM. We have one common bond choppers and hot rods with a zest for the old days of brotherhood.

I started a new chapter of LOM in Buffalo - the new york 6. For the first time in 7 years I'm not the President - didn't want it I will over-see the chapter. We've got big plans to for this Spring and Summer.


Fingers - LOM o7

When it's time it's time to chop - we shall chop no chop before it's time and it's time,
It's chop-thirty

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