Finger Food Friday - Ready to go....

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers... what's going on? Well, as I right everyone is makin' the scene at the Run for Lighting. I really wanted to be there... I can really feel the vibe. As I've said before the Revenge Run was one if not the best times I've had. The scene was incredible! Everyone was on the same wave and we were surfing, baby surfing the freedom that building and riding choppers gives us... man there is nothing better than the feeling of tooling down the two lane blacktop at 80mph on a stripped down chopper you have built in some fashion or another.

For me, when I am at that place in time and everything is groovin' my mind races as fast as my 98inch evo powered chopper. I think a lot about what I lived and experienced in life and I always end up with the same question - "what else is there?" I mean what can I do that I missed out on? This week at my job a 20 year old kid asked me if I have done all I wanted... I said "yes I've rode across this great country of ours more than once,rode a bsa from Texas to Buffalo, from St.Loius to Buffalo in a down pour of rain to the point that everything I owned was soaked.
I'll be 50 on November 21...

I've seen a lot, done a lot... I was there when it was kool and when it sucked. I've snorted coke with rock stars... I've stolen coke from rock stars.

I worked at CBGB's in the 80's when punk was alive with fire. I was there when the Ramones busted out - man that was a scene. The first time I saw them at CBGB's there was only about 50 people there. I was running the light board at that time. They played like a week straight and by sat. the vibe in the streets was electric "man did you catch the Ramones show? It was like a explosion." With the place packed to the ceiling you had a feeling the walls were coming down with 2000 people jumping up and down to the fast paced temple of each 2 minute song. They played NYC for a bit before doing a tour north. I saw some of the best shows at CBGB's - Wendy O William was a fucking wack job spitin' on everyone till someone smashed her on stage. The Talking Heads, the Police, the Fems, Blondie and so many more.........

Before I moved to Fla I was in this scene to go and see as many old black musicians as possible - Hurbrt Suthin, Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy, James Cotton, John Lee Hooker and more... I was real deep in the blues - it ran my life like music notes in my veins. Since coming back to Buffalo, I've felt the scene really make a move for the better - the vibe is heavy.

But is this as good as it gets? Have I done all I wanted? Did I forget something? Did I miss a turn? To be totally honest if I were to die right the fuck know it would be with a big fucking smile cuz I've made a kool scene. Sure there is always more... more coke, more woman, more roads, more choppers, more people, more runs and more booze.....

I'm looking forward to Winter for the first time in 15 years. Time to get it all together. Redo choppers, craft new ones, get to know your ol' lady etc... Me, I'm going to strip down my chop and paint the frame get some new chrome, new spoke wheels up front and out back and clean up a few things. But the big thing is I'm going to get back into crafting leather, which I have not done in 25 years... always found it enjoyable till booze and dope ran my life.

So, keep being a fucking weirdo let your freak flag fly and keep on lurkin',just remember it's only a game till some one starts bleeding.

Keep the rubber side down and the shinny side up!

"my lifestyle dictates my deathstyle"
forever FINGERS

Oh yeah the time I spent with Artimus Pyle was intense. What an amazing human being to think he survived a fucking plane crash that killed so many wtf? Then to wreck his new Lowrider shortly after thanks for the stories and letting me play your kit it was a gas man.

Sorry for the delay on posting this.......... Fingers got it in last week but I have been tied up with the RfL............ Thanks for having some patience with me homie.


lifeisfuct-diekruzen HEAVY KLOTHING said...

killer,been waiting on this.

fingers said...

lets stay up and party till 6 in the mornig smoke til our throats cancer