I don't have any pictures to post of this weekend, but I'm pretty sure I didn't need to take any because this ride will be burnt into my memory forever, the mountain, the museum that blew my fuckin mind! the bikes, the people, the vibe, the fact that Saturday night was like living in a 3rd world country, with rocks flying shit burning and the smell of piss everywhere I gotta say it was too fuckin rad to be true. I met a lot of good fuckin people vander, benji, brian, matt, jason, clark, nevett, the haints guys, the "andrews" from richmond so many fuckin rad people! I even managed to learn some shit like how to properly break a bottle for a fight (thanks Vandor) and that I have no shame what so ever (thanks karen) all in all an awesome time and I'm stoked to have been a part of it and now one of the newest members of Death Science!

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J-Rod said...

Karen was pure sex.