Nur eht Lab Rat

Sometimes you embark on a journey not knowing what to expect! Most Times thats the best way to Doit!
woke up and rode out 5:30 am friday
made it to O-town at 9:30pm and was warmly welcomed by shane and jameson Dont let the name fool you, Hate Factory is full of love
Boston Mike and His sweet thang- thanks for the brew
the lake we camped at

sorry about not having much pictures. This shit was a Blast! north Florida is total opposite of south florida. We got alota city and little bit swamp they got little bit city mad fuckloads of swamp and country side lot. climate changes are nice- these guys did such a great job making this happen. Its funny what you can do with a state wide collaboration.
To the south florida crew- Yea it happend, kinda sad now that it did its like well now what? ha ill tell you now what RFL!
Shane and Jameson- you guys are the ultimate duo Im honored to know and have you guys
Jorgey- 14 more hugs i owe ya
Jimmy- giant help please let me assist you next time with the fish tacos
Claude-thanks for your north florida knowledge
boston mike- thanks for throwing down with beers and trophies!
all who came you guys made the trip what it was
and the sponsers yea thanks for the shit!
regard benji


SINNER said...

That poor alligator doesn't know what to do after a night with you!

Billy said...

Indeed it was a fantastic voyage. It was a pleasure meeting and riding with a bunch of like minded people that I didn't really know. Like you said, sometimes its good to embark on a journey not knowing what to expect! Most Times thats the best way to do it! You're a cool cat Benji!

tewy said...

what kind of springer is on the long pan chop? have the same one and cant find who made it.

Anonymous said...

Gator Hater.

Anonymous said...

Is Mike holding his wiener?