I'm not going to get into the specifics but this weekends insanity was a total blast. Lee, we did you proud buddy. It was rad to hang with old friends and meet lots of new folks. Special thanks to Mike D and the Philly crew squeezing me in the truck... Now on with the pics...

Freak in Delicious!
Add ImageThis sexy mutha has a screamer Shovel, thanks for letting me take it out Benj!
Knees in the breeze!!! Congrats to Josh on finishing this badass ironhead for the run!

Looking over the wreckage from Saturday night... The guy that owned this 'biker' bar wasn't ready for us... Screw the band, The Brain HOTW and I were the real deal flat tires. Scary shit on the highway when your back end gets loose and starts fishtailing...
The Haints were a riot, looking forward to many more hangouts with these dudes, also stoked to have a new word for short bus redneck types - 'Critter' -

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The Hate Factory said...

Don't let the Misfits rip-off sticker fool ya.

Haints ARE critters.
Fuck those fags!!

And someone give Benji a damn shirt!