Finger Food Friday - Big Al

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers - Fingers here banging at the keys again.

Well, it's creeping up on me the day I never thought would come... on November 21, I turn 50 - a half century old. What the fuck? That's old. It's just a number, right?

Do I feel old? No. I still got a lot of gas in the tank and I'm not done pissing people off yet so, don't worry about me selling my death chopper for some ridiculous bagger (no offense to the baggers in the audience... haha). I'm chopped till death. I've never wanted a bagger! What the fuck do I need shocks for? I have springs under my seat.

So, with that day getting close and writing for death science I've been doing a lot of reflecting on my life. I've lost a lot of great brothers and sisters in my 50 years. Been through a lot of good times and a lot of bad times. I've seen my share of highs and lows. From clubs to rock stars to just plain fucking kool kats. Rode across the country on a BSA chopper in '79 (for the first time.... did it agian on a chopped shovel and one more time on my evo death chop just this past april - that's where I met ds tim - a straight up kat with a groovey flare). For me it was killer to see the next generation of chopper freaks going strong. I fucking love it all except the period correct bullshit, the money part... 1,000 bucks for a taillight? $2,000 for Flanders riser? Get fucking real! Don't get me wrong I love old (read as vintage) shit but prices are out of hand.... enough of that...... I built my shovel chopper for $1,100 in '83 with a stock wishbone frame and a stock springer.......

In remembering my past I'm brought to the time when I was hangin' on the Eastside with some real stand up kats, one being BIG AL. Now they didn't call him BIG AL for nothing, at 6'7" 450 plus pounds he was fucking huge. Despite his size, Big Al always carried heat. No matter where he was he had a heater on him. Well, on one occasion me and Big Al are out drinking in his Pontiac... we were on a roll hittin' up a bunch of gin joints on the Eastside when we roll into a bar called JJ's. Now, JJ's is a hole in the wall joint but they had cheap booze and on Wednesday they had $1.00 vodka drinks. We hit joint after joint and had a good buzz on - we join this story about 2 sheets in. We land the Pontiac at the curb and much to my surprise Big Al is taking his lead slinger out of the holster and shoving it under the seat. The gun for that day was the famous 41 cal. with a 12 inch barrel - the fucking thing was a cannon with grips. There's another story of that gun and me I'll share in the future.... any fucking ways I say "what the fuck? Al whats up with that?" He tells me that the dude behind the bars always frisks him. You can't bring a gun into this bar. Oh, I see. So, we hit the door and sure as shit this fucking guy jumps out from behind the bar and makes for me and Big Al. Well, to his surprise Big Al is clean. Not me - got my trusty .380 in my back... haha.. always check the small of the back. About half way through a $20 bill, some shit goes off at the other end of the bar with a couple drunks. The scene takes a bad turn and we decide to split. We drink up the vodka and tea and beat feet for the door. This is where everything becomes loud and clear in my mind... as Big Al is getting in the car he reaches for his heater - just in case shit spills outside... BOOM!!! is the next thing I hear. What the fuck? I about jump out of my skin. Somehow as Big Al was retrieving the cannon it went off. I couldn't hear right for a month after that. Not only did the gun go off but he shot the transmission and it was bleeding pretty fucking good. All I could say was "YOU HAD TO SHOT THE CAR? FUCK, AL NOW WHAT? Big Al's response? I'm buying - so back in we went................

Big Al lost his life at 43 years of age to Diabetes. If you knew Big Al you know he was a true gentle giant. He rode with the Devils Disciples til he died. I love you my brother - make sure I'm on the guest list.

"Live like there is no tomorrow" was Big Al's motto.

One album, one tour, no replay - hit it hard!

Big LOVE - Fingers
ps the only two pics I have of Big Al's chop - on the tank it said "government use only"


Jason said...

That is one sick ride!!!

fingers said...

you had to see it in person,weber 96 ci mini bars a cut down aluminum primary

luke said...

Your posts are too good man, and that chop is a ruler