jds cycle turbo maxton bsa = sicky

my friend mike goni who runs a shop in roselle nj sent me these pics of his record turbo bsa maxton which ran 147.5 mph previous record was around 130 mph......if your looking for someone to tune or send your not so good running bike too or build a bike or motor hes the man.....check him out here www.jdscycle.com .....he took the time to help me tune my 49 pan before the ride to lightning on the dyno in his shop..... I went out and helped him and his buddy put up a fence in his back yard and made me some bbq met his folks who were awesome....his dad had some amazing stories about riding to argentina twice one on a bsa i believe and second time on a 2 stroke 22,000 miles totally epic really.....went back to shop and had the pan running perfect in an hour....thanks again mike and congrats on your new world record!

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