last few days

Clowned around this week just thought id share
I finally pulled the trigger and got some queermo glasses, i dont like them but they passed the 90mph freeway test practically falling off...but they hung on.
went to pompano to watch the trotters, man that place changed a whole lot in 5 years
those sausages shouldnt be black but if you eat them with the idea that your eating beef jerky they taste amazing
Went to downtown lauderdale and Saw Gladesmen, they were cool and knew how to jam except when he told me the joke about are bikes being ticketed and he wasnt actually joking.
how can you sweat a parking ticket with these big beautis rollin around to cheer you up
took a trip out to Corbbits hunting ground, scouting some wild boar and walked the powerlines
if your looking for a place to get away
this is it, especially if you have an off roader

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