Panheads and Scott H. Biram

This weekend was a pretty damn good weekend, got to wheelin' and dealin' for a juice drum for the rear of the pan, plus finally getting the 33.4mm front end with a 21" drum and a 59-ish k model top tree that's worth some cash, and just generally gettin shit rollin' again. I also went to Roanoke with some buddies (Jeff-http://www.salvationdesignva.com/ and his ol' lady, and Nick, and Eric) to catch Scott H. Biram turnin out some good 'ol fashioned gee-tar strummin shit, got shit faced and went back to some friends house (Callie, Josh, Nate, and everyone else who was there) to continue the good times, managed to get reeeal fucked up there and witness josh piss down a set of stairs....inside of the house. If you don't know Josh you should check out his band The Harwell Grice band, they play some damn fine bluegrass. Anyways sorry for the shortage of pictures but im kinda shitty about remembering to take them since im usually in the middle of everything and drunk as piss!

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