Finger Food Friday - See you FREAKS next YEAR!

Let me preface this week's FFF by saying that I want to personally thank Fingers for sharing his life with us on the blog and for being a TRUE BROTHER! Fingers is a hero to me. Forget the fact that he has done it all and can fix anything over the phone, he is a hero because he knows what being a true friend is all about.

All of my DS Family you are all true BROTHERS to me.

It has been an amazing year getting to know new friends and growing closer to old ones. It has been truly an honor to get to know and now call the Freak Out Squad and the Hated Crew FRIENDS - a word I don't take lightly!

Happy New Years!

Love - Tim

Now on to Fingers' words of wisdom.........................

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers, it's the number one weirdo here to lay it down. So it's the end of a year that has been really good for me. Writing this gig has been a blast. I've gotten to remember some of the kool shit I've been into in the 50 years I've been alive and it's given me a chance to meet some amazing people that are keeping choppers alive. It's funny, after this long you would think choppin' would be old but this year just has me more amped than ever - something about being around guys as passionate as I am just works.

One thing that has not changed and won't is that I'm a chopper freak. I was born on a rigid and I'll die on a rigid. Man, I just don't feel right on a bagger.

2010 was a year to make the scene it has changed a lot - period correct shit, Bates and Flanders started bringing huge money along with other old chopper goodies. Fuck that man! We are fucked up - paying way too much for dumb shit. Maybe I'm just getting old - it seems weird that people pay crazy money for shit that I have thrown away.

2010 I hit the Revenge Run,and I hit it hard 1,700 miles hard on a death chopper packing my ol lady (p.s. it was her idea to ride there I was going to be a trailer queen, haha). It was the best fucking time i had in many years. I had forgotten what it was like to be on the road trippin' just you and your ol lady. No support car or truck. Just you and the chopper you built - that's a test of your skills, haha. That's also where I met Tim and the crew and found some kindred spirits in this crazy chopper world. I wouldn't change anything even if I could.

So whats in the plan for 2011? Man I got big plans, Sweet Cocaine has filled my brain with sweet dreams. To get this one done true to style is going to be fun. Don't look for me at any gay fucking Rallys (that's you Smoke Out) I'm done supporting the rich leaches of the corporate world that change their tune every time a new trend takes off. And if i go back to Cractona for Gayweek it will be to drive an old dodge pickup down main street and take out 500 Roadkings all parked in a row - hahaha. I'll be on the RR with Sweet Cocaine if it kills me though...

See next year you know were to find me - where the weirdos freak and lurkers hang out .... that's where I'll be.

"If I don't see you in this world, I'll see you in the next and don't be late"

chopped to live....chopped till death

BIG LOVE - Fingers

Social Deviant SS

(thanks ZON for the photo)

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luke said...

can't wait to see sweet cocaine, makes me feel all warm and tingly inside thinking about it