Finger Food Friday - Short CUT... DEATH Ride

First, let me say, I appologize for not getting FFF sorted and out before now...... I got kinda buried with shit last week......

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers - what's happenin? Me? Well, been busy as of late... Tim's got me working over-time for the cause... between making my Middle Finger Mids and sissy bars I haven't even started on my bike. Who else has got a Winter project going on? Let's see Tim just finished his Dream Krusher pan that looks super sick, Vander always has something happening, Matt's working on his Ironhead, J is re-building his Pan motor, Josh is finishing his Highway Cruizer, Jason is always changing his bike even though his knuck is fucking bitchin.... Zac doom over at heavy is holed up somewere up north turning his wicked ride into a back breaker. I cant wait to see the new doomsickle. I have never been a big fan of swing arm bikes but that one grew on me.... The FOTS boys are making changes... Clarke building a Trump, Q a Pan, Mike D working on a Shovel.... The HATED boys are holding it down with Jason making IH dreams, Chris building a top secret shovel.... the Fish gets busted up in a wreck and then he scores a fucking bad ass pan... wtf........ Well, you get the point everyone is building something I'm dying to work on my bike.... soon enough.

So what the fuck... let's see what everone is building... That means, email us some shots of your projects (tim@deathsciecnce.com).

Usually, I never truly know what I'm going to write till I start this fucker but this week's episode came to me a couple of days ago. Start your motor, put your kick stand up and shift it in to first we're going to take what I remember as a 80 mph death ride.

So, it's me on my 96 inch shovel, Don on a '63 pan chop, Kevin to koooool on a '65 pan chop, Vinny the Guinea on a '80 shovel we called the Implament, Bronco on a bagger of some sort with the Troll on a shovel sturgis. I think there were a couple other kats with us, too.... we all met up at Ryan's Pub (one of our joints) and we were hitting it pretty good. Bronco had just come back from Florida to visit, so we were on a tour of the town. After a few beers and shots at Ryan's we decide to split. Now when we split we really make the scene happen - with like 6-8 bike all rolling you make a scene. It's burn outs and wheelies all the way to the Eastside. We hit Chixey's Bar hard sliding to a stop next to a bunch of other bikes parked out front. We hit the door and Lapper, F-W, Big Al, an Googes are all there so we're bouncing shit off each other - bike, broads, life etc. With the beer flowing and the shots dropping we're living the life not a care in the world. Well, we decide to go to this punk rock bar in Buffalo called the Contenetal - the birth place of punk in Buffalo. I had worked there on an off for a couple years so we got the treatment. They really dug it when true bikers rolled in to have fun. Man, this is like in a ghetto so the pipes are rapping off the abandoned buildings. But it all stopped when we rolled in.... man, it was fucking loud as fuck.

We all pull up to the Continental hard and hit the door. I juice us in and Bob the fag owner is counting the cash before we even spend it so it's shots and beer by the bucket full with all kinds of freaks and punks - it was non stop. Upstairs was a big dance floor with a dj spinning freaky music and weirdos dancing in the mirrors admiring themselves.

Well, after a a few hours of and a lot of drinks Bronco says "let's go see Shot" (another friend of ours who owns a bar called the Cock Eyed Camel). Shot was in Blasdel, about 30 minutes away via the Skyway. When we got to the Skyway it was closed - they were redoing parts of the road. We were at the barricade when Vinny says a "man's got to know his limitations" and drops the clutch on the Implement as he goes around the barrier. We all follow fast and hard. The Skyway was like an elevated drag strip with a great view of Lake Erie. It was AMAZING! As we got close to the top we got a much better view of the ground and an idea of why the road was closed. Seems they were busting 20 by 30 sections of road out with nothing but rebar showing. Luckily for us it was like a giant slalom coarse. Can't lie I was shitin' myself. Man, we had to be doing 75mph within inches of each other riding on rebar.... most of the time I couldn't even see Vinnyin front of me.

I couldn't even wrap my mind around it till I was a couple beers and a couple shots in at the next bar.

I want to get up early the day I die I got a lot to do.Man, I dig my life.............Later.

Fingers - #1 weirdo

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lifeisfuct-diekruzen HEAVY KLOTHING said...

hell yea! that sounds like a crazy ride!