this bmx bike was hot in 1988..........

found a picture of this bike and it brought back a funny story which i thought i would share.....in 1988 i was 14 years old in a small town NJ i skated and also rode bmx here and there...well this bike was the hot shot to have back then....me and a friend adam and steve would cut through a mile long cemetery to get to warehouses on the weekend where we would dumpster dive when the places were closed it was amazing right around school time after summer we had a spot that always had notebooks paper and pens and pencils in the trash......scoooooorrrreeeeeee mom would be so amped she didn't have to buy me and my brothers school supplies.... so we started diving into other spots dumpsters until one day we found the best dumpster a 14 year old kid could ever imagine.....we have found the distributor for haro bicycles warehouse.....we would find frames with scratchs sprockets cranks pedals handle bars and would hide everything up the hill in the cemetery and come back at dark with back packs and gather up our treasure....it would be haro master haro freestyler and sometimes some junk company ......then we would stay away for a week or 2 ........when we came back early on a Saturday morning there was a trailer backed up to the door which we never saw before......back then i was actually skinny and i climbed under and fit between rubber bumpers and trailer with a flash light....THE F!@#$ING TRAILER WAS WIDE OPEN WITH WALL TO WALL BOXES THAT SAID HARO MASTER!.......me adam and steve feedler were freaking the f out....only clause was we had this weekend only to take what we wanted .....i know what you are thinking vander was a thief.....not at all me and my friends were the robin hood of bmx if you will.....we left and came back sometime later with tools razors snips wrench's screw drivers what ever it took later that night after dark......it was always fun cutting thru the grave yard at night the head stones would always cast weird shadows and reflections.....we got to the bushes on top of a hill facing the warehouse and trailer see steve was always smart before we left he threw rocks to take out lights on or around trailer to avoid being seen that night...adam climed in and started ripping boxes open and handing us parts wheels handlebars frames etc and me and steve were running back and forth up and down hill with completes haro masters .....we took about maybe 12 or more complete bikes.....so we sat in the bushes of graveyard putting the bikes together had a a
ir pump and all and road bikes to adams house and would skate back and gran another bike...phhhhhhhwwww we got away with it..........a few weeks later in the local paper was a big story about the bikes going missing and how they couldn't figure it out....see we were smart we would never dumpster dive with out gloves on i mean there's real garbage in there too and we were smart enough to wear them through out the trailer hist.......the funny thing about this whole story is for weeks the cops were asking if we new anything about kids with stolen bmx bikes......while we were sitting there on the haro masters.....between the parts we found and bikes we took every kid in town had haro bikes or at least parts on there bikes and the cops never ever put 2 and 2 together....TO BE 14 AGAIN


icyuod said...

ha! great f'n story!!

haro sport, dyno detour, pegs, the movie RAD

good stuff really good stuff

DSVANDER said...

we had a few stacks 2 ft tall of harp sprockets i bet adam still has some left....they would get a damaged box and throw out the box filled with parts it was insane....hahahaha