Used Tire X-Mas Sale

Nothing says I love you like a set of old tires. And I have several to choose from. All these are stock 5 x 16 for your FLs or Rear of other models. All are Goodyear Tires with the exception of one of the sets of wide whites which are Arrows. If there are two shown on top of each other, they are a pair. None of them are all dried out or torn up, the are dusty from sitting inside in a garage for years, should clean off and be good to go. All tread is good, I can send additional photos if you're interested. Prefer to sell em as pairs, but its first come first serve.

If they don't sell on here, they're going to the JJ and then to eBay, so get em now because they are going away soon.

Email me@ jason@deathscience

Goodyear Dual stripe (Single)

Arrow Wide Whites (Pair)

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