For lack of something better to do yesterday I saddled the ol' bicycle up and left with absolutely no direction. Probably how most of you start out. Ended up heading into downtown, albeit there isn't really a better direction on a bicycle. Cruised through town and ended up at Blue Flame Tattoo where a friend is guest spotting. Hung outside for a bit and caught sight of my friend bombing the hill out front. Found her down the road and found out she was headed to the airport. Ended up riding out to the airport with her, easy cruising the whole way. Ventured through yuppie hell (Cary) and into Morrisville to our destination, Baby Moon Cafe, where her fiance works. Baby Moon is 17 Miles one way. Congrats by the way, they just got engaged. Had some drinks and turned tail homeward, rolling the dice on a brewing thunderstorm. It was pushing a cold front, with the wind at my back the ride took a quarter of the time. All the while watching beautiful thunder heads and flashing lights. Rad time.

The Route:

Get off your computing machine and live.

Finger Food Friday - Finally get the PRIZE (Part 3)

Alright all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers it's fucking Fingers and its Friday.

To bring you up to speed I'm in New York - Buffalo to be exact... I decided to move the fuck outta FL. Too hot and way too many assholes. So I've not had a lot of time for this blog... But being a man of my WORD I bring you my life again this week.

So, a week ago I was in pursuit of the much sought after 1%er diamond. The Rare Breed MC are not a 1%ER CLUB but it was a pretty good start. My time with the RBMC was short. As I said before I was pretty strung out on dope. But I do have some great memories of that time. 22-23 years old rolling down the two lane blacktop with a club is a high in itself. I was in about 1 year all together when i was thrown out for being too fucked up. It blew me away I went into seclusion for a while and reached the edge of sanity (or was it insanity) where I stayed for a long time.

When dope grabs you its grip is like a pair of vise grips - until you unlock them you are locked in. I would see some of the brothers from time to time. Some would tell me to straighten my shit out and come back; others would just smash me telling me what a waste I was.

In 1995 I got sober for the first time in my life after doing 3 1/2 years on an attempted manslaughter charge. I knew then I needed to turn my life around. I became addicted to AA - it worked for me. Sadly though, I started to use again - but didnt drink. Thought I could control my dope habit - fucking wrong.

In '95 I also met my wife. I met her at the hospital where she worked. I was there after an accident. A 78 year old man smashed into me. Luckily I was driving a van not riding a bike. I had visions of being on easy street with all the cash I was going to score after the lawsuit.

Well, me and Blondie started to date. She was 10 years older than me. I never new that till way later. Sex was great. The first time she came over to my pad I had like 8 German Shepherd puppies and two adults running around - don't know what made me think of that but it helps set the scene. So after a little talking we hit the work bench for some night moves. She asks "DO YOU HAVE ANY PROTECTION?" I said "I'm a convicted felon - I don't own a gun." She laughed and said "no, a condom." Fuck I'd never worn one or bought them. So, she has one in her purse... we use that one condom for 8 hours - I promise you can ask her... haha.

Alright enough of the mushy shit... We get hitched and about 5 months latter we get hooked up with this tattoo guy named Easy Go Ray. Well, as it turns out Easy Go Ray is in the CHOZEN FEW MC. Now the Few had a pretty notorious reputation back in the day - say the late 70's early 80's. You didn't fuck with them! They were one of the main reasons the Hells Angels left Buffalo. The first time i went to the club house they had a huge sticker on the door that said "FUCK THE HELLS ANGELS." Man, that's putting it out there. My biggest problem is I love choppers - always will. All these clubs are into baggers and fxr's, all good bikes, but I'm a chopper freak - so I get my balls busted a lot. People always say "You cant ride that as long as us or as fast."... Shit, please, i'll ride as hard and as fast as anyone. Yeah, my ass will be sore but I'll look a lot KOOLER AND I WONT BE GETTING ON SOMEONE ELSE'S BLACK FXR you thought was yours haha...

So after a short time of hanging around I'm prospecting again... about 3 months in my sponsor quits so I ask the president to sponsor me. That was my first mistake. The CFMC were always a club huge on respect - you notice that right away. The Pres, ALEX was a founding member with his two brothers Peter and Paul. Being a prospect for the Pres meant a lot of time hanging out doing dumb shit for him for free. After about 6 months I'm voted in a full patch holder. For initiation they would get you all fucked up till you puked or passed out - whichever came first. Well, since I did not drink at the time they made me drink hot sauce - this was my second mistake. I ended up drinking a whole bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce in addition to a couple others.... seemed pretty easy till the next day. Let me just say, don't try this at home.... Fucking A the next day I couldn't walk past a bathroom without shitting. I could have shit through a screen without touching the wire. My ass was on fire
until the following week....


p.s. next week the war years and I get to say good by to my chopper

I'll live, I'll die
I'll kill for my family

What a bike...........

Or should I say TRIKE............. fuck............ Thanks to Knucklehead Steve for the pictures that I'm borrowing to post................ I love this thing!


Still a few left...

For those of you who that have been hiding under a rock the past few days that have not heard, Joey Cano (from HOTW) went down hard a few nights ago. We still have a few of our new Deathhead tail lights left that can be purchased in our store, with all of the proceeds going to help out Joey. You can also get a Praying Hands shift knob, and all proceeds will go to Joey. Thanks for the support, and we hope to see you fuckers in Baltimore!

caught drunk in front seat

so i went to see my friends band open up for high on fire last night......awesome times! for those who know im an awful whiskey drunk........total blackout zone...... woke up in my truck driver side door open feet hanging out.... puke all over floor on passenger side woken by a few of nyc's finest i jump up stagger back and forth and unleash a projectile vomit at there feet..they squirm away as i kinda laughed......they look for my keys i tell them i lost them but i know where they are... i hide them in the glove box as i always do in this condition....not my first time at the rodeo......and apoligized a 100 times told them i was sleeping it off...they said thats fine lock yourself in.... couldnt even believe how cool the cops were and lucky i was....leaving the door wide open for 3 hours drained my battery and couldn't get truck started.....kat texts me a bunch to see where i was .....she bartends till 5 am i text her at 4 saying help cant move bring car and jumper cables......she rolls up an hour or so later and im out cold in the back of truck.....get her powered up and away i go to kats......thanks nevett for simple green and scrub brushes and a hose that was a lovely surprise opening the door this afternoon in the baking sun and getting that surprise from the night before...... please dont be offended if you ever offer me whiskey and i refuse!!!!!!


Pray for Joey............

Last night our friend Joe the Fish was in a bit of a scrape up............ shit, he got hit.......... he is in a bad way but will make it........ right now he needs our help.............

We've been working on this lens for a minute, but were gonna wait for the right time to let it out of the bag.......... instead we're gonna make a move and help our brother out...

We're gonna kick Joey all the dough from the first 4 lenses and 2 completes that sell of this light..... we are also gonna give Joey the cash from the next 5 shift knobs we sell.............. that simple.............. I wish we could do more...

Death head lenses are $50 and completes are $80. All items are available through our store.

Godspeed Joe........... just fucking glad you're alive.

Also, be sure to check out the FOTS store for more ways to support Joe.

Sorry for the low quality phone pic...we will have better pictures of the Death head lense up soon...we didn't expect to be releasing them so soon...


Ride For Lighting - Artwork

Just finished up a few minutes ago with the sketch on the Ride for Lightning run and party. Quite stoked on how it came out, as it was just from my brain to the paper with my regular tools of the trade, sharpie, pencil and a fine point ink pen. In this day and age of modern computing I gotta say, still doing things by hand feels amazing. Whether it be working on designs in pen and ink or simply wrenching on bikes or cars. The day we forget how to fix or build something by hand, is the day we quit being human.

Extra gas with class........

So, I grabbed this shot from Noodlez over at the LFTC........... man, I want one of these bad.......... anyone got one? Hook me up..........



Not sure who Frank was or what made him so crazy, but I'd be crazy not to reproduce these badass old fenders from this original I found. The impossible to find rigid frame version is coming first, stay tuned to DS for details in the next few days.


Finger Food Friday - Diamond Plate (Part 2)

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers... Your friend fingers is back to make you think and travel through time.

Yeah man I've been on a mission in life - self-destruction. I always felt that I needed to be part of the "in" crowd. Those thoughts have taken me to the edge and over.

My time with the Rare Breed MC was short. When I started to prospect I had just come back from Florida - my first trip to the sunshine state. I lived in FL for about 9 months. I was out of control. Most bars wouldn't let me in without frisking me. There were like 5 or 6 of us from NY. We ran hard and fast. Burnouts inside the bar was not unusual for us. Fuck, I did a 4 gear burnout in a joint called Cheers in Fort Lauderdale with Billy Martin on the bitch seat - if I remember right George had just fired him... man he was so fucked up. We used to go into a strip joint and take it over. They loved us. My brothers would be trying to pick up the peelers and I would be stealing their scratch and dope... haha.

Well, any fucking ways my brother Don and I decided to take a trip back to Buffalo. I needed a brake from the party scene. It seemed like everyone I met had more coke than the last one - I never could get enough... haha. Fuck, man one time Ralph Mouth picked this hooker up and after discussing the finances of the deal he goes to pay her... bam the bitch grabs his fucking scratch. With him in hot pursuit she ducks him. Well, he comes back to the house and me, Ralph Mouth, Vinny the Dago and Don go looking for her (side note we are all packing heat). So, Ralph thinks he knows were she's laid up. It's times like these that you need to look at the scene and think it out - I never was a thinker. So the four of us are at the door and Ralph says "she went in here." He hadn't even finished saying that when yours truly kicked the fucking door in guns a blazing. I know I would of pissed myself but the four Jamaicans cutting up a key of coke just froze and put up there hands. Now this scene took a turn for the worse real fast. Ralph has them covered and Don and Vinny are searching the house. Me? What do you think? I'm scooping up coke and putting it in my pockets. Well, the chick wasn't there so we eased out the door... all I know is there were some pissed off Jamaicans when we split.

So were was I? Oh yeah, so I'm hooking up with the Rare Breed (back in NY) running wild and hard, when Don calls me an says "we gotta get back (to Florida) - the storage unit we got all our shit at is being torn down." Fuck, I'm about a week from getting my patch - but I gotta go. So, we split back to FL where we hang out for a couple of months.

This time I'm totally out of control. I'm robbing the dope man every chance I get.

I come home one day and all my friends are there to tell me to get the fuck out of Florida before I get killed. They packed all my shit and handed me $200. I split the next day.

I hit NY strung out from the road and the coke. I make it down to the club house - it's winter so I'm in a cage. As I turn the corner bam! I hit this black guy riding a bicycle - fucker bounces off the hood and hits the windshield - fucked I thought. He's banged up pretty good but he'll live but the bike is wrecked. My survival instincts kick in and I bullshit him with a fake name and address. A bunch of the brothers are outside and Crazy Al comes up to me after seeing what happened and says "YOU GOT MY VOTE.".............improvising at its best.

The original beat generation
The social deviant ss
Your neighborhood Fingers

Don't miss the LOW SIDE jam.....

Watch this video...or else...

Rad video from REAL skateboards about Lee Bender and his mission...also, don't forget to check out the Ride For Lightning site.


Dr. Deathhead.....

Chris, man, sorry about the hold up.... hopefully you'll be stoked.......

I'm sending you a little gift today.... the collar and then some.......



Scores from last weekend...

Time to make the donuts... Lots going to ebay, some staying for the pan I'm going to build... soon...

Ride for Lightning.....

So, I don't know how many of you guys know but Ralph and I are the guys behind the Revenge Run......... well, we decided to give it another go.........

We were so stoked the response to the Revenge Run was and all the friends we made that we’ve been counting the days till next year….. but why wait till next year? The Revenge Run started the year off with a bang so why not go out the same way?

The Ride for Lightning (October 15th and 16th)

Initially Ralph and I decided we were gonna do a small ride and camp jam (no sponsors and very little organization) to get back together with all the cool people we met on the RR. But recently, we both caught wind of Lee Bender and his fight against Multiple Sclerosis…… And while neither Ralph nor I know Lee personally, we figured why not help out in whatever way we can. So, we decided to do another proper run and raise as much cash to help Lee out as we can.

I got into bikes for the same reason I got into skateboards...the brotherhood. And while I don’t know Lee personally I dig what he is doing and feel a certain kinship……….. Lee was a sponsored skater (OJ, Nike, Indy…) who was diagnosed with MS in ’07…. What started as slight numbness in his hands and feet quickly became numbness from chest to toes….. his balance has been affected making skating impossible…although he can still ride a bike (some of you have probably seen his blog – onesickrace.com)…... but the real fear is that MS is a degenerative disease – so, it will likely only progress from here………. but there is hope…….. Lee has found an experimental treatment that has shown real promise in relieving the symptoms of MS and returning those who undergo the treatment to a more “normal” life………… to undergo this treatment Lee has to trek to Poland (the procedure is not sanctioned to be performed in the US)…… To do this Lee needs $11,000…….. he has raised a little over $4,000…….. so, there’s still quite a ways to go……………. And we can all help.

As for the run route, well, the two coolest things North Carolina’s past has to offer are pirates and moonshine (well, maybe not all in the past). So, it only made sense to pay tribute to NC’s deep moonshine history this time around!

The Ride for Lightning will follow some old moonshine roads through the mountains of North Carolina. The run will start somewhere near Winston-Salem, go up to Cherokee where we’ll camp for the night and then head down to Pendleton, SC for a blow-out after-party (same as last time – bands, booze, bitches…)…… same recipe as the RR except the first day will be a little shorter………… We will be riding through the Blue Ridge Mountains just as the trees are changing….. no better roads nor view in the country………….

We are gonna sell some swag and have a few raffles with all profits going to help fund Lee’s fight…………. There is also gonna be a small entry fee to go on the run which will also go to Lee………….. so, you spend a couple bucks and get to go on the run or buy some rad shit and all the while get to help Lee………… how could that suck?

Next week we’ll have all the details up on the route along with shots of the run.

For now, here's a general idea.... not quite the final but close.... really close......

View Ride For Lightning in a larger map

Death Science is a PROUD sponsor of this run!

Road Vultures

Rad pictures courtesy of some friends of our very own Fingers........ thanks, homie.


RIP - Larry Watson

Larry Watson - 1947-2010.... RIP and God Speed.....

Brian's Pan.....

This might be old hat but...........

Our buddy Brian of Hated of the World fame had Jerimiah at Love build him an AMAZING motorsickle......

It is everything someone could want in a mochine...... lean, sexy and all business...........

I'm stoked for you......

See you in Baltimore........

All pictures taken from the Love's Cycles blog.....


The shit we go through....

Phone rings Friday afternoon, Tim on the line. Wants to know if I can help him move a dryer Sunday. Sure, no problem, a dryer is easy. Also, he wants to know if I have access to a full sized truck with a receiver tube on the back for a trailer to run into, I run the idea by my buddy and sure enough we're good.

It ends up raining all weekend. Saturday we are itching to roll around so we hop in the cage and begin our voyage to Greensboro. Due to the weather, construction, and our general lack of direction it takes us roughly three times as long as it should. None the less it was a fun car ride. Met up with our buddy to shoot some flicks and get shown to some crazy, weird, and perhaps epic spots. Don't get home until atleast 5 am. Fuck. No sleep. Wake up at like 8, text tim and buy us an hour more of sleep. 12:30 gotta be there at 1:30. Shake the roomie awake, this dude is straight chick status on getting ready. We're talking an hour minimum. Shower, blow dryer, the whole nine. Don't take him camping because he will bitch the WHOLE TIME. Got mad love for the dude though. Running even more late. Get to the truck. The bed is loaded to it's max. Unload and I remember the receiver tube. Doesn't have one! Call Tim and we decide to roll the dice. Everyone arrives at Ujaama and I see this dryer, a screen print conveyor style dryer. It's huge (save me the thats what she said line). I'm doubting everything so hard. We drag it out of it's resting place and get it loaded. It took six of us to load it into the truck with a super sketchy run to it's new home with only four of us to get it off the bed. The shit we go through for you dudes. Atleast when we say designed and printed in house, we actually work for your dudes. Looking forward to lurking in Baltimore. See you then...

some more panhead progress

weird day today at the autumn bowl in brooklyn......aside from getting served papers cause dave forgot to pay rent for 3 months oops and the alley cat i named tippy last week dying and the burial service (video coming soon) nevette anthony and myself had today...nevettes eulogy was amazing...i got some more shit done ......i have a good 2 to 3 days left damn excited.......oh yeah i have to move out of shop in a week or so too cause of rent situation and a new apartment......baltimore couldnt come any sooner


Talk the talk

So the other day at the shop Marcus and Jeremiah were fixing a blown gasket and re-jetting a carb on Purple Rain(1970 sportster). I was busy throwing on a new rear tire (due to a recent blowout). at the end of the day when both projects were complete Jeremiah was driving the P-rain down the block, up curbs and burning out on the sidewalk. i mentioned to him that it would be funny it we drag raced down the road, well Jeremiah quickly replied "Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhh you don't want none of this, you will get smoked ect ect".
I told him, he didn't want it but he insisted i get my shit. So i went into the shop and rolled out the shovelhead. by the time i made it to the road they had the route mapped out so it would be a fair race, because the sporstser is only fast off the line and not topspeed we raced two blocks. as soon as i pulled out i stalled (everyone laugh) I get her started again and Line up with J at the light and we took off on J's voice but ofcourse he said go super low and fast so he got a lame ass jump start leaving me back a half a length were neck and neck till about 15mph and i hear what i think is my engine reving out but i only had the throttle half way so then i realise its Purple Rain over reving and i capitalize on the moment by jacking the throttle all the way like a whole shot and shift into second gear and half way thru second and i was already at the finish with Jeremiah nowhere to be found.
Yes I do realise that i have over 500 ccs on Jeremiah but when someone trash talks up and down It still feels pretty damn good! and plus when we are doing having pure fun everyone wins.
Maybe next time we will race index
I wish i had pics but only memories



This blog is a lot like living with seven room mates. Sometimes I'll come home and find some weird, awesome shit. Like a used condom in a plant, next to a PB&J sandwich. My room mates get gnarly sometimes.... Similar to huge jugs and pictures of GG Allin with guns in his mouth....Here's some more weird shit my friend Morgan sent me. Thanks for the thought babe.

Finger Food Friday - The Diamond Club (Part 1)

Hey all you wierdos, freaks and lurkers - it's Fingers back to share my life.

Two people really influenced me at ayoung age are SUNNY BARGER (no introduction needed) and HUNGRY from the Rare Breed MC outa Buffalo.

To me, Sunny is a gimme for back in the day - way fucking kool. Sweet Cocaine was the amazing for sure... but it was the way he carried himself that did it for me. 150-some pounds running the big show - man, I mean those had to be wild times. A time when you could really screw it on, man. I saw all the cheap flicks and read all I could about him and them. From the time I saw them at the Buffalo Zoo, till now I always wanted to be one of them. Who the fuck didn't?

In 1984 or '85 I met a kat named Brian 2. He road with the RBMC. We started to hang out a little... then I didn't see him for a while. I moved to the East Side of Buffalo and met a bunch of chopper freaks - FW, Lapper, Rebel, Buckets, Jimmer and others... Well, one day they were going to the RB club house, so I tagged along. As it ended up Brian 2 was there. We got caught up - seems he went off the deep end with the blow and split from the club for a while. No wonder I hadn't seen him around. The club house was fucking bitchin' and huge. You could have a party there with 300 kats and still have room to groove. Not long after we get there I see this kat walk through the door... tall, 6'1'' ish and like 185 pounds - sound familiar... haha. Later I found out his name - Hungry. It was obvious that he was important. He carried himself with great authority, someone who deserved respect. Hungry had it going on - he used to bop when he walked. Always bopping an moving... he would latter tell me "YOU CANT HIT A MOVING TARGET." Later that evening we were introduced. I asked him if he liked coke - "BUT OF COUSE." Kool -that was my in with the man who I found out later was the President. Our introduction was sealed with a line... okay a lot of lines.

Hungry loved music. He turned me on to the Fabulous Thunderbirds. To me they striight kill it. Brother Vaughan playing guitar, Kim Wilson on vocals and the meanest harp I've heard since Joiner Wells.... man. But the best was when I was at Hungry's house looking over some 300 pieces of vinyl that he had.... he said "YOU EVER HEAR LONG JOHN BALDRY?" I shot back "no." I lined up a couple more lines - he played the whole album twice for me. Fuck, where has this shit been? It Aint Easy, Black Girl, etc.... It Aint Easy tells a killer story of playing giutar in Soho for change and then jumps into this heavey back beat jam - you got to check that one out, hit it up on google. If you don't dig the shit out of it you still must think disco is kool - that or you just don't get it. The main line in the song is "don't lay no booogie wooogie on the king of rock and roll" - blew me right the fuck away.

Needless to say from then on I was hanging out at the club house a lot. Then it happened. I was asked if I wanted to prospect... "Fuck yeah" I told Brian 2. Fueled with cocaine and crank I was off to the races, the first thing i learned real fast is that you are not a brother or civilian your somewhere in between.

I learned that it was way more fun just being a hang-around. Not necessarily better, just more FUN. I learned a lot real fast.

One time I was out with Hungry and Brian 2 and Wolf at a biker bar called Shades. I get word that there's a phone call for yours truly. Who the fuck is calling me here? I see my future brothers all laughing so I grab the phone... it's Pauly Little - "Prospect, bring me two fat chicks and don't come back with out them or I wont let you in the door!" Great I have to bar tend there... so, I turn around and Hungry goes "what you gonna do? Haha..." Yeah, yeah... So, I take a look around and like fuck me there aint a chick in Spades over a 140 pounds. Brian 2, my sponsor, comes up to me and says he's got an idea... oooohhhhh great an idea. What are we going to do duct tape a couple of them together? Cause, thats what i'm thinking at this point. He says "no - but that's not a bad idea." I told you I was learning fast. Impressive, huh? He tells me to get 3 skinny chicks. Oh great, now I aint no Don Juan or anything like that so me and Brian 2 smooze 3 chicks back to the club house. The power of cociane worked all the time back then. They would follow that bag anywhere. So we roll back to the clubhouse. Pauly aint too happy but it's working cuz the ugly chick is digging on pauly and i'm feeding her coke so everyone is happy. I got Pauly Little's vote for that act of improvising.

To be continued next week............

l'll live. I'll die. I'll kill for my family!


The City of Brotherly Love

Went up to Philly this week and got to hang out with Brian from HOTW, checked out his beautiful Pan and he was cool enough to lend me some wheels to get some riding time in, can't ask for much more than that. Thanks man,

Such a beautiful thing in person,

Also got tattooed by Steve at Olde City Tattoo.

Great guy, cool stories about going to see Black Flag and Bad Brains back in the 80's. Got an old Ed Roth design he used to sell on patches in Choppers Magazine back in the day, came out bad ass...

Oh yeah, and here are some boobs since we're doing that, and who doesn't like a good set... Courtesy of Carmella Bing...

Behind The Barbed Wire

Death Scientists, we are proud to be able to publish a weekly column from our pals over at Rusty Knuckles. They have enlisted the one and only Jeff Clayton of Antiseen to write about his trials, tribulations, love of all things wrestling and being the singer of the legendary Antiseen for the last 27 years. This is the first post and look forward to more write ups involving barbed wire, icons of rock n' roll, two headed dogs and of course the madness that encircles Antiseen.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hello there folks! Thanks for stopping in to see what the hell I’m gonna rant, rave or complain about in this blog. This god damned summer is only starting and it’s already BRUTAL as HELL!!!! Being summer though, reminds me of an old pal we lost back in the summer of 1993….GG Allin.

Yep, we knew him folks…unlike the aged 15 to 21 year olds on the internet now that “claim” to be such experts and have such a firm grasp on what GG “would” have wanted had he lived, who were actually getting their asses powdered by their Mammys while all this was happening…we actually got to know the guy over a 6 year period and became good friends with him and his brother Merle. I could go on and on putting all you “GG-PHD’s” in your places but instead I’ll just tell ya about the newest thing we’ve got coming out and our debut with RUSTY KNUCKLES…The 1991 LP MURDER JUNKIES by GG ALLIN & ANTiSEEN reissued on PICTURE DISC!!!! That’s right, and to my knowledge the first GG picture disc to be made (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

Here GG and I are goofing around after the photo session for the original release that was issued on New Rose out of France. Guns and booze may not be the best combination for celebrating the completion of an album.....you cant see it in the photo, but I had a long barrel .22 caliber tucked down the front of my pants. A few hours later someone implied that maybe we hadnt been smart enough to unload all the weapons before the shoot ....WELL...being slightly offended at this doubt in my saftey practices, I pulled out the .22 cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger to show that I WAS indeed a practitioner of good gun safety ........that's when the loud POP went off and the bullet ricocheted all over the kitchen.

Here is GG at Penninsula Sound in Mooresville, NC, May 10th 1991 listening to the playback of his vocal tracks. GG gave it his all even in the studio, as you can see here he is wore the fuck out! It was indeed a long but productive night.


Come on out and see us at Tremont Music Hall in beautiful Charlotte, NC on Tuesday night July 27th as we kick the night off for the GBH show! If you don't know who they are, well....England 82 was pretty much run by these guys, The Exploited & Discharge as far as punk rock is concerned.Doors will be at 8pm and I'm sure we will be on around 8:30. Since we are opening the show , our set will be a bit shorter than an average headlining set. After 27 years in the biz we actually KNOW the purpose of the "opening act" and that is to give people a little bit to get'em in the mood for the headliner and NOT play for a fucking hour and bore everyone to death (take note opening bands!!!!) Tremont Music Hall, 400 W. Tremont Ave., Charlotte, NC

AND SO....if you like what ya see at the GBH show and wanna see some mo, well your in luck....and it couldn't happen on a luckier day!!! FRIDAY, AUGUST 13th we will be at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, NC with our special guests SELF MADE MONSTERS & BIGGY STARDUST & HIS WRETCHED HIVE. These groups are two of the areas best kept secrets so come on out and have a good time with three very cute and cuddly pop bands at Snug Harbor, 1228 Gordon Street, Charlotte.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Rusty for giving me this forum. If there are any other things ANTiSEEN related you'd like to hear about or get the TRUTH about, just drop us a line or leave a comment and be on the lookout for more great shit to happen with us and RUSTY KNUCKLES!!!

Going once, going twice...

Sugar skulls are moving quick and we only planned on doing a limited number. On Monday the mold gets retired, so if you wanted one, better get it now. Don't worry though if your finances are stopping you right now, as our good friend Clarke at FOTS will have a few for sale next week. Thanks for your support, and patience, as these are all hand made to order.

some bits forsale

72 ish primary cover
panhead bubble bag lids not perfect
panhead bubble bags not perfect need to be sanded and recleared
lepera barebones seat nice condition
23" aluminum wheel with mini drum brake and extra rim from an xr or xl 650 i believe.....

any interest in parts or have questions please feel free to email email me @ tfevander973@yahoo.com