Jay's pumpkin love for Karen...

Here's the other pumpkin Jay carved today in honor of his critter girlfriend in South Carolina, Karen...I think he really misses her. Good job Jay! (Josh, you better not turn your back on Jay for a few days...)

connecticut swap meet find

jason rolled into bar i was at around 330 in the morning....went home grabbed knuckles and away we went to a swap meet in Connecticut we left around 430 and got there around 700 ...i was still drunk but scored some rad sissy bars

or trade looking for sweet sissy bar or old peanut tank or what ever cool stuff you wana trade

for sale nos king queen seat old and brand new kyle@deathscience.com

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Dark City

Few years back when i still spent the summers in Jersey, I drove an Ice truck for a summer job. My route was Neptune/Asbury Park. Which meant Post up in ocean grove for five hours scoopin ice and staring at girls in bikinis hoping to get my love connecton on. Then four hours of just hood hustling in asbury dealing with either the coolest people or the shittiest people there seems to be no medium out there.
This was an old dodge post truck so it was right hand drive no power steering and you couldnt turn the wheel if you werent in motion


Finger Food Friday - the Kidnap!

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers, Fingers back at the key board.

Well it's starting to get chilly up here but I'm ready. Got my plan together for the rebuild of my chopper. New wheels front and back, paint the frame add a little chrome and call it done.

I thought this week I'd write about a great friend, a true brother I've known for 40 years - my brother Don Kellogg - no not the cereal mogul. I met Don in school but didn't hang with him till later in life. Once we started hanging out you couldn't get us apart. We lived together in Texas, Florida and Buffalo. When we lived in Buffalo, Don rode a stock trumpet 500. He split and moved to Odessa, TX in like '77 or so... He came back for a visit and we were all hanging out at the Belle Star Bar, a jamming joint in the country, and he said I should move to Texas with him and Vinny Sacco. They were working in the oil field drilling for oil and making some big cash. Well, I'm not one to miss out on cash so I moved there a few months later. When I got there Don had chopped the trumpet into a kool little bike.

So fast forward a few years... I came back from Texas after cutting my ear off [don't worry they put it back on] cashed in a law suit and bought a bsa chopper. Don also came back for awhile. We were hanging everyday and night riding and wrenching - that's he way we rolled. So I'm staying with my ol man and his second wife and 6 kids - 4 girls, 2 boys. Well, Don had just bought Fudds '63 Pan and was coming over to show me. Now my step-sister always had a thing for choppers - she didn't want to admit it but I could see it in her eyes... When Don rolled into my yard on the Pan I thought my sister Suzy was going to feint right there - between the Pan and Don.... You see I ain't gay but Don is a good looking kat... jet black hair with that blond patch birthmark. Fuck, if I had tits and a hole I'd fuck him. Well Suzy and my brother Tony's chick, Michelle are drooling when Don rolls up - you get the pciture. We shot the shit and don and Suzy are hitting it off pretty good. The chicks want us to take them for a RIDE. I said ok they split up stairs to get ready. I tell Don "lets kidnap them and make the scene at Allegany." Allegany is a State Park about 100 miles one way. Don says ok. So it was a plan. We grab the chicks and hit the highway doing about 100 mph. We jam for awhile and the girls are cool till about a hour latter at a gas stop when Suzy asks where we are going. Me and Don sit back and say "YOUR BEING KIDNAPED" No ransom just get on and hold on. We weren't prepared for it eithert - shirts and vests was all we had. Yeah, the chicks bitched a little but they really were digging it. We hit the park at dark-thirty and started searching for our friends who were already there. After a bit of looking we find them and commence to drinking beer, shots of uncle Jack and hitting the weed hard. It got pretty late so we all decide to crash. We go inside the cabin and there's only two beds and one is already full. So, without skipping a beat I shove Michelle in the only open bed..... Don followed my play. We fuck around a bit and I jump out of the bed and drop my clothes... the chicks and Don follow. I hear "what the fuck, Fingers!" I look up and the three of them are in bed staring at me. I snap back "you think god would give somebody hair like this and not a big dick?" Well, they busted the fuck up. I don't think my brother ever forgave me for fucking his chick..... we all had a blast till we showed up back at my house. All the squares were staring at us. We were just freaking out the squares man (love you Clarky). We all would hook up a couple of more times, but nothing was like the kidnap...

Fuck life before life fucks YOU!

Skate Fast, Ride Faster!

Death Science has jumped on board (late) to sponsor this run taking place down in Florida, November 12-14th. It sounds like a rad time! Anybody who is in the vicinity should try to make it for sure. Click here for more details!

Few Miles Few changes

I Stumbled across this picture on my computer somewhere. This was when i first went out to AZ. It was like i dove head first thru my computer into Jeremiah's blog Everything was real, his amazing family, his Giant love Cycles Mailbox, His garage full of old bikes and sweet parts. This picture was taken after we made the pipes and it was the first time i ever ridden a motorcycle besides the buel blast i had ridden the week prior when i got my license.
Oh yea first time trying to kickstart a bike, I was ready to knock the bike over due to frustration and jeremiah laughing at me in the backround wasnt helping!
So crazy to see the difference over a year and to think about all the people I met/friends i made and places Ive seen and experiences Ive had all because of the idea of one bike!

fried chicken

For the record, Bojangles Has some slammin chicken but popeyes is a circus With "onehundredthousand dollar niggas in a two dollar town" what ever that means... all I know is tonight i got my self a meal and a show!


2006 80" Evo Never been run.

Preacher man told me about a guy tryin to sell a stock evo motor that's never been run for 1700 bucks!! Comes with a brand new S&S Super E, has 2 chipped (not broken) fins. So if your around the Norfolk area or dont mind travelin and interested, give me a call and I'll give ya the number!

Sporty Generator

MY 77' sporty's generator finally shit the bed. If any of you have a functional generator and would like to get me back on the road, i'd be much obliged. Let me know.

- Tom

The Color Purple (not just an oprah movie)

Soo not exactly the KKK maybe the Gay Gay Gay? Call it what you want...this world is gettin ridiculous, Thanks LA (from MD) for showin me this one, oh and why the fuck is Patrick there, I mean I get the similarities but wtf


Ridin down Ocean View, I think this is where I'm gonna move when I get sprung from the man ha

A few of my favortite thing

Hey Josh, this guy has your sissy bar!

why doesnt anyone really run wide glides anymore??

I don't remember where I found this...but its a beautiful thing.....


Nick's '50 again...

bigger pics this time, amazing car, amazing dude.

Lindsey Cherry Photography

p.s. this interweb shit is hard. don't tell anybody, but it just took me 20min to do this. ha!

Beauty Contest...

Clarke and the FOTS guys have a contest going by which you and your old lady could win a nice prize for a decent photo for their contest... just thought I'd drop that in as the contest ends November 2nd and you can't beat free shit. You don't even have to show 'real' skin or face even, just something sexy with any of the product brands that are sold in the store... which is just about every brand thats worth a shit...

So get creative and send something in before the deadline, because in this economy you arent getting $50 worth of free gear from too many places... Just sayin...
Also on a not free tip, if any of you want to pay too much for stuff, I've got a grip of stuff ending on ebay tonight

Just because...

Sneak peak

Some changes in the works...


Wheels Through Time............

The raddest thing we did, in my book, on the run we took a couple weeks ago was to stop by the Wheels Through Time museum.....

The museum is family affair.... we got to meet the owner Dale and his son Matt..... the museum is their passion.... they work on everything themselves........... and they are stoked to have people in the museum who are stoked on their collection... I must have asked a hundred questions.... the cool thing was they were just as into talking bikes as I was about asking them about their bikes.... you'd think that it would get old to them since they are in it every day but they were genuinely into it 100%... this place is the most amazing museum I have EVER been in!

Not only are there more bikes than you could dream of but they ALL RUN! That's right.... pick one out and someone will start it up.... most of them within a couple kicks..... shit, I've even heard tales of them letting people take the bikes for a spin..... There are pre-war bikes, a chopper graveyard, an HD ice-saw, a hill climber, a flat-track racer that hasn't been changed since the thirties, one of Evil Knievel's jump bikes, dozens of old paint pans and knucks...................... you get the idea.............

We even got to check out the shop..... how about a pan drag bike? Matt knows more about Harleys than I know about my life.............. it was amazing to have him show us around the shop and tell us about the plans they have for more bikes to go in the museum............

Bottom line is if you are in the area don't miss this place.... if you do you're a sucker for missing the holy grail of motorcycle collections.........

I was so busy checking shit out that I only took about 20 pictures.... I could go to this place every weekend and never get tired of it..............

Oh yeah, that batman looking thing is Panhead powered and your legs go THROUGH the steering wheel............ fucking nuts.


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for sale or trade looking for a all black no dents chooper tank

bomo Tims chopper i still like this thing evry time i see it

Board Trackers

So aside from choppers, I have a moderate obsession with board track racers. Next time you think youre tough or have big balls, go 100mph plus on a shitty bicycle on a wooden track with no safety gear... these guys were totally insane...

I'm waiting to pull one out of a barn someday... Wheels through Time in Maggie Valley has an amazing collection of them that everyone should go see...

This DAR is one of my all time favorite motorcycles that I've ever seen in person, and its there in all its glory...


Bitchin' dagger...

It's time...............

So, I'm trying to get serious about my Pan and actually get it finished for real..... fix the shit that's fucked and get it painted........... so, in typical Timmy fashion I can't ever leave well enough alone.......... I decided to make a few changes too............

First up to bat are the headlights.............. Next, maybe a new tank.......... then some tweaks and it's time for paint.................