Back on the Road

My bike was off the road for over a month, Its been sitting at my boy Lloyds shop Lobo Cycles Garage. This is where Ive been hanging around at, helping out with his projects and customer bikes. This dude has helped me out so big the last few months from welds, to where i should be at with plugs to having a bike to ride when mine was down to weather i should take a girl home with me from the bar, The other day he even took off at his day job to help me re-gut my star hub and piece the bike back together to get on the road. Thanks Lloyd so much for being there, The last few months have been a radical dope trip and im glad i took jeremiah's advice and went on that online biker dating site
Sometimes I dont realise how lucky i am to make and have friends like i do, but im truley thankful for them.

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