A couple highlights from last week

Ive been doing a little tuning, fixing and shining on my bike with the help from Lloyd and Paulie. a little tweak of the ignition and She's running way too good no top end break ups and i can rev her all the way up to the G-spot again (you know, that amazing, loud, low, repetitive deep noise a shovel makes when their pinned out as you develop tunnel vision struggling to hang on)
Switched the springs out with heavy duty ones and no noise, yes i swear this is not a joke that wild ass grinding noise is finally gone =) Eric, thanks for the coil man I really appreciate.
And a Special thanks to Jeff Green for locking the gate last night denying me of a midnight run down A1A towards lauderdale.
Cindy over a FSK is amazing, I'm in love! She sent me this dope ass scorpion, now i can finally say ive seen one up close. unfortunately he didnt survive the trip, Time for the formalin! Thanks Cindy, you sure know the way to a mans heart by ways of wierd insects! Lets do something next time im in phx!
Ok dont think i going and getting all religious on you. Theres a skywriter in my area and he writes all this stuff about god hes pretty good at ive seen him do some elaborate shit , His plane is called holy smoke. I havent seen him up in the air since hurricane wilma kind of a blast from the past.
Made it out to the vintage bike show in dania, there were some cool bikes but i didnt take many shots. This dragster looks like way to much fun, what id give to run it!

Oh yea and after the show my buddy Al let take his bike out and now I can Ride Jockey shift, im so stoked. not saying its hard to accomplish but its nice to broaden your horizons and become capable of riding different setups. thanks Al.


DSMatt said...

Bike looks great Benji!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

YAY! I'm glad it arrived in one piece at least. It might still be able to sting you when dead so be very careful. Hit me up next time you are in town fashionserialkiller@gmail.com

Nick said...

Scorpions in the mail!

DSVANDER said...

im coming to florida and taking your bike for a goos ride... while you play with your scorpian! wait that sounded weird.....