Finger Food Friday - Duck or BLEED

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers whats up?

It's that special time again... so, we all know what's in my brain... haha... yes, it's starting to come together should have a roller in a couple weeks - "Sweet Cocaine."

So, other than digging out magazines looking at pictures, I went back to work welding and fabricating at a Coke processing plant not the drink but for foundries. It's a good job - hey, we all can't be like Tim... haha.

Enough of the jokes, let me get on with it...

I've been in my fair share of bar room brawls. I tend to stay away from them more now. Being sober and clean gives me more tolerance for stupid, drunken people. I've won my share and lost a bunch too. On this particular night I was the victor... it went down like this.

Me and my ol lady are out riding in the country outside of Buffalo. After hitting a few gin joints we roll into a joint we hung at a lot called the Gold Mine. I throw the kick stand down on my chopped shovel and we hit the door. I make a bee line to the shitter to take a piss. I walk past the only two people in the bar - one I know, Mike Labuglia and the other is some fuck never saw before.

Well, the stranger is eye fucking me hard as I pass to take a piss. I snicker at him as I pass. This was one of the rare times back then that I wasn't drunk, high or feeling the effects of any sort of intoxicant - so I was on my A game.

When I leave the bath room the first thing I'm looking for is my new friend, not wanting to get jumped from behind - you always got to watch your back. That's when I noticed he's slid in next to my ol lady. I thought to myself "this is going to be interesting" haha. I slide in between him and my ol lady "excuse me" he says. I turn and look him dead in the eyes and say "what you fart or something?" For a split second I thought we were going to go at it right then - but I hadn't pushed him quite far enough. Man, I really used to like a good scramble haha. He proceeds to let me know that I'm in his spot. I just said "that's good cause it's mine now."

Turning to my ol lady and my beer and shot of Jack I hear something from my new best friend "hey man I haven't lost a fight in 20 years." That's good I tell him "so you must be a winner." Well, I knew that was going to push him over the edge so as I'm watching him in the mirror behind the bar he backs up as I turn to face him and throws a wild right. At 6'3" and 155 lbs. you got to be a good shot to hit my beautiful mug. I lean back and counter with a right smash to the nose followed by a left and another right that puts Mr. Winner on his knees. That's when I move in for the kill. That's also when my ol lady grabs my arm.

It's hard to deliver the k.o. punch when she's hanging on my arm. But even through the interference I couldn't help but notice that ol Mr. Winner has developed a problem - he's leaking blood from his mouth and nose real good. Seems he wants to throw the towel in.

As he heads for the phone Dwayne the bartender tells him to just get the fuck out. But he wants to call for a ride. As he is dialing I notice he is calling the man - 911. Well, it's time to split now as we all, all 3 of us hit the door he decides to wing a bar stool at us - big mistake. I run over and smash him two more times before my ol lady even realized I wasn't behind her anymore. Then we jump on my chopper bang 1st and split.

We passed the man as we roll out of Dodge - they never even looked at us. So, i guess that makes him 20 years and one bad loss...........

So duck or bleed mofo. What? "BAMM"
Big love!

Fingers the original Social Deviant


DSVANDER said...

pictures are awesome .....good story! fingers is a ruler!

Spongy said...

what an amazing story! shit!
i'm getting goosepimples just imagining the whole scene take place!

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antihero1972 said...

fucking awesome story fingers!!