Finger Food Friday - Get it Right

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers - what's happenin? Well, seems like everyone is re-doing their chop or building a new death chopper to lurk and make the scene with. I'm gathering a good amount of parts for Sweet Cocaine - things are looking VERY promising.

So, let's do it right man. I've been building and riding choppers for 34 years and every time I take a short cut it bites me in the ass. When I built my Evo rigid with a 98 inch motor the engine alone was 6,800 bucks. So, what did I do to connect it to the street? I bought a 25 dollar chain... well, we all know how that worked out for me haha... things never break when you have access to the shit to fix it.

That chain broke going up a big ass hill at fucking midnight around drunk-thirty, and yes I was packing my ol' lady. One of two things will happen when you break a drive chain; either it will fly off never to be seen again in the still of the night or it will do the famous wrap around your tranny act - the one that makes you scream like a little girl.

Well, when mine broke my ol' lady and I came to a stop almost to the top o the hill. Thank god because I thought that pushing it up that last 30 feet was going to kill me. I got to the top and jumped on for the free ride downhill. My ol' lady never jumped on she was not even there for the free ride... fuck it, see ya..... I cruised down hill at about 45 mph to the bottom and pulled to a closed gas station (of coarse). About 15 min later my ol' lady shows up at my new resting place. She's pissed. Knees are wore threw on her jeans and she's bleeding. "What the fuck thanks for waiting for me" is all she said as she threw the chain at me. I said, "what the fuck you bring that for its junk?" Well, that was all she needed to hear...haha. That chain had about 5-6 links totally cracked in half.

We called or the trailer and a ride, that's when she told me she was walking down the MOUNTAIN with the chain and a car swerved to miss her and she fell down the embankment that's how she fucked her knees up. I never told her that I was thinking "if you had been on the bike with me riding down the hill you wouldn't have been walking." This is one of the few times in my life that I thought before I spoke and I figured I'd said enough...

An old man told me a long time ago if you feed an elephant peanuts it will shit on you. Never made sense till later in life. Who was that old man? Ronny Anellio. He had the first bike shop I ever went into, Choppers West in North Buffalo. So, dont' just put anything on your chop just because it fits, from bolts to nuts to chains. Spend the scratch do right. Me personally I use new hardware to bolt my motor and tranny in every time - that shit stretches big time...... well all you master blasters get out to your spot and wrench on your shit - me, I got cocaine dreams on a vagrant's wallet but it's happening thanks to a lot of kindness and a lot of hustling..............

Big love - Fingers, number 1 weirdo
do what thy will

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dave herr said...

how are you still alive?