gettin hassled

It's funny how much attention a blacked out dodge van gets at midnight in downtown Norfolk. Josh and I spent about 45 minutes pulled over by 4 cop cars while they ran the numbers on our guns and basically gave us the normal police bullshit. Luckily the 2 guys that showed up after were cool and we got turned loose soon there after, it's a damn good thing they didn't pull us over on New Years Eve, we had a small arsenal in the back on our way out to Suffolk to go fuck shit up! I guess that's what we get for choosing to drive sketchy vehicles and carry guns....o'well


"LOUIE" said...

damn! if that happened to me here in Cali...It would be a fucked up scene.

Hooligan said...

I never paid attention to where you guys are. I grew up in and around Norfolk/Chesapeake/VaBeach... Riding out in AZ now